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PUBG Metal Rain: Everything You Need to Know About the New Game Mode

What do you get when you mix teams of eight, flare guns and extremely heavy vehicles falling from the sky? PUBG Metal Rain, of course! PUBG is getting a brand-new game mode for a limited-time only and, honestly, it looks like the perfect antidote to the traditional battle royale shenanigans you’ve become accustomed to.

PUBG Metal Rain: Start and End Time

As revealed on publisher Bluehole Games’ Steam page, the game mode has already started (on April 19 10pm EST/3am GMT) and will end on April 22nd at 10pm EST/3am GMT. The traditional 72-hour period for mode rotation for PUBG Metal Rain will be in effect, but it could make a comeback in the near-future should its popularity deem it necessary.

PUBG Metal Rain: Rules of the Mode, How to Win

Players are split up into a maximum of 12 eight-man squads in a battle royale mode which takes place on the traditional PUBG map of Erangel.

However, things are a little different. Found alongside normal loot drops are an abundance of flare guns. Should you shoot these into the sky outside the safe zone of the white circle, you’ll be able to call down heavily-armored UAZs for you to use however your heart desires. Firing a flare gun inside the safe zone will grant you a care package.

There are no extra points on offer for pancaking someone with a UAZ – though there absolutely should be.

The last-team standing wins the game; there are no respawns and other normal battle royale rules apply.

PUBG Metal Rain: Can I Play on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, PUBG Metal Rain is currently available for PC players only. Neither Xbox One nor mobile players will be able to play PUBG Metal Rain, but there is still a possibility it could head to console or handheld devices soon, in much the same way Tequila Sunrise made its way to Xbox One back in March.