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PUBG Desert Knights War Mode: What Is the New Event Mode?

The PUBG Desert Knights War mode is sure to please players who enjoyed the previous team deathmatch-esque event. While the regular PUBG mode is known for its hardcore, super intense battle royale gameplay, the War mode offers an alternate way to play, with respawns enabled and players loading in with a set loadout. PUBG Corp. is turning things up to 11 with this new Deserts Knights version of War mode, with players being equipped with top-tier loot that is normally only found in care package drops.

PUBG Desert Knights War Mode: Event Schedule

The PUBG Desert Knights War mode has already begun! It’s found under “Event Mode” at the main menu select screen. Simply click that and you’ll begin to matchmake with other players. Squads are made up of five users, with 10 squads in total.

PUBG Desert Knights is set to end on May 6 at 7 p.m. PST. Once that happens, the mode will no longer be available to select. Make sure you give this game type a go, as it really is fun and lets you play with some of the rarer weapons.

PUBG Desert Knights War Mode: Rules

PUBG Desert Knights

PUBG Knights Mode will be made up of 50 players, split into 10 teams of five. Each player will automatically be equipped with one random care package weapon, with the AWM, M24, MK14, M249, Groza and AUG all available. Armor-wise, all players will be given level three helmets and vests.

Here are the other important rules that you’ll want to take note of:

  • Immediately after the plane gets into the air, the safe zone is visible on the map.
  • The safe zone is small—but slightly larger than the previous iteration of War Mode—and never closes in or changes location throughout the duration of the game.
  • Getting kills and knocks (when your opponent is “down but not out”) earns points for your team. The first team to get 200 points wins.
    • Kill: +3 points
    • Knocks: +1 point
    • Own Team Kill / Own Team Knock: -5 points
  • If no team reaches 200 points before the 15-minute time limit, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner.
  • Each time you’re killed, you’ll respawn in planes that fly by every 40 seconds.

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