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Overwatch Petra: When Can I Play the New Overwatch Map?

The second Overwatch anniversary is not only bringing with it a selection of new skins but also a brand-new Overwatch map for you to get to grips with during the anniversary event. Named Petra, here’s when you’ll be able to get your first glimpse of the new map, plus the expect ETA for you to get your boots on the ground.

Overwatch Petra: When Can I Play the New Map?

With the second Overwatch anniversary nearly upon us, it’s looking more and more likely that we won’t have to wait very long at all to play on Petra. With the anniversary officially kicking off on May 22, expect that to be the launch date for Petra.

Overwatch Petra: When is the First Look at the New Map?

During Match 1 and Match 2 of the Overwatch League games on May 19 there will be an opportunity to get a first look at Petra with a short video from the Overwatch team. They even teased it on Twitter, should you want to bookmark their Twitch page.

What is known (as you can see from the Developer Update below) is that the map will feature a “mega health pack” at the centre of the map, should you want to chance your arm. Expect that to be one of the hottest points of the map at all times.

Overwatch Petra: Is It Deathmatch Only?

Yes, Petra will be a deathmatch-only map. In fact, during the Overwatch anniversary event, Petra (along with Chateau) will make up the Competitive ranked playlist for free-for-all deathmatch, so be sure to bring your A-game for that one.

Overwatch Petra: Where is the Map’s Location?

According to the Overwatch Gamepedia, Petra will be located in Southern Jordan. What that means for the map’s look is anyone’s guess – but we’ll be able to find out soon enough with the first look coming on May 19.