Silent Hill: Origins FAQ/ Walkthrough

Silent Hill Ørigins

Platform: Playstation Portable, Playstation 2
Developer: Konami, Climax (2007)
Genre: Survival/Psychological Horror
Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence)

Author: Georgi Samaras
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 1.42
Last Updated: April 21, 2008


Introduction ...................................................... [int]
Controls .......................................................... [con]
Surviving in Silent Hill .......................................... [sur]
Monsters .......................................................... [mon]
The Fire ....................................................... [fir]
Alchemilla Hospital ............................................ [alh]
Cedar Grove Sanitarium ......................................... [cgs]
Artaud Theatre ................................................. [ath]
Riverside Motel ................................................ [rsm]
Nowhere ........................................................ [now]
Endings ........................................................ [end]
Accolades ...................................................... [acc]
Extra Options .................................................. [exo]
Sprinter Run ...................................................... [spr]
Trivia ............................................................ [tri]
Miscellaneous ..................................................... [mis]

Introduction [int]

Silent Hill Ørigins is the series' first foray into the world of handheld
gaming, but it still upholds the tradition of giving gamers a terrifying
experience. Definitely heed the title screen's advice of playing in the dark
with your headphones plugged in! This game is a prequel to the original Silent
Hill, so it should be a good place for beginning fans of the series to start
while giving veterans a taste of something new. The story follows Travis
Grady, a trucker taking a shortcut through Silent Hill to Brahms that, through
a series of bizarre incidents and intense psychology lessons, finds the
supposed source of the evil that has come to engulf the town of Silent Hill.

This guide was written as I went through my second playthrough, and I'm one of
those Silent Hill-ers that checks every single door and room every single time.
In other words, this walkthrough outlines the exploration process. I've tried
not to spoil anything, but please be aware that certain boss monster names may
ruin a bit of the fun if you read ahead. Also, I am a huge fan of Silent Hill
analysis, but I realize that a walkthrough is no place for theory, so I've
tried to cut back. If something slips through, I apologize.

This game has since been ported to the PS2, which is great since it gives
Silent Hill fans without a PSP a chance to play it. I have access to both
versions and can safely say that this walkthrough will work for both of them,
though there are some slight differences. Puzzle solutions, boss strategy, and
the controls (in other words, the major bits) are the same.

Controls [con]

analog stick: controls movement in a 2-D control scheme, meaning that Travis
will move forward in whichever direction you tilt the stick
select: open inventory
start: pause
triangle: view the map
X: interact with the environment (pick up things or examine), perform a
finishing blow on an enemy, attack (when right trigger is held), charge
attack (hold down X with right trigger held)
square: run
circle: toggle flashlight switch, skip cutscenes (when paused)
left trigger: center camera (note that the camera cannot be turned), cycle
through menus in inventory, toggle between targets when right
trigger is pressed
right trigger: enter combat stance, cycle through menus in inventory
left and right directional buttons: cycle through items in inventory
up directional button: instant access to weapon inventory (once to view melee
weapons, twice to view firearms)
down directional button: auto-equip item in front of Travis, reload firearm
(when right trigger is held)

Surviving in Silent Hill [sur]

There are plenty of things you need to know to make your way through the cursed
town of Silent Hill. This section will briefly go over the most important, so
it's not that comprehensive. First-timers will probably find this section
lacking, but what fun would a Silent Hill game be without a little uncertainty,
experimentation, and exploration?

Health and Stamina
Travis' health is marked by a small screen in the lower left of your
inventory. When it is green, he's in excellent health. When he takes
damage, static appears on the screen. When he's about to die, the static
intensifies and the screen turns red. The edge of the in-game screen pulses
red as well, and the sound of a beating heart can be heard. Heal with
health drinks to restore a small portion of health, first aid kits to
restore about half your health, or ampoules for complete restoration.

Stamina cannot be seen by a meter of any kind. As Travis runs, fights, and
grapples, his stamina depletes. Whenever it is gone, he moves slower and
must catch his breath. This makes him a sitting duck. Energy drinks bring
his stamina back up to max and are important when planning a mad dash
through monster-infested streets.

The Map
Get friendly with the triangle button and make a habit of looking for a map
every time you enter a new area. This walkthrough is going to be using the
map a lot and assumes that you will too. Important items and things of
interest like save points and mirrors are marked on the map when
encountered. Travis will also mark doors that are jammed, locked, and open
with squiggly lines, solid red lines, and arrows, respectively. Maps even
have legends that will help you get around easier. For example, the town
map of Silent Hill denotes buildings you can enter with a shade of pink
while all other buildings are blue; alleys are gray and streets are white.

Travis apparently has multiple copies of his maps because, as you traverse
the Otherworld, you will see that its map is dirtier looking and can be
viewed side-by-side with the real world map by hitting the left or right
directional arrows. This makes it a lot easier to know which pathways are
accessible in which world.

Using the Flashlight and the Radio
Travis starts the game with a flashlight and a pocket radio. Both are
instrumental in your survival. Well, maybe not both. While the flashlight
is a staple in the series, it's actually best that you not use it that
often. Sure, it lets you see in the dark, but it also lets monsters see you
easier. With the flashlight off, you can stand side-by-side with a monster,
and it will not be able to find you! In past Silent Hill games, characters
were helpless without the flashlight: they wouldn't be able to see items or
even use keys. This is not so with Travis. In the dark, he will turn his
head to look at monsters, memos, items, and even unlocked doors so watch him
closely. (However, he has a knack for staring through things and at items
that aren't even of interest.) He can also read his map without a light.
(If you are playing the PS2 port, you will have a harder time Solid-Snaking
it through Silent Hill; they must have tweaked the monster's AI so they can
find you easier. It is also a tad harder to see around you without using
the flashlight due to darker settings and no way to control brightness.
However, you can still read, use keys, etc. without the light.)

The radio emits static whenever a monster is nearby. The monsters cannot
hear the radio, so it's safe to keep it on and foolish to turn it off. The
screen will also turn grainy whenever a monster is close but only if you
have the extra noise filter option on.

Weapons and Combat
This game makes sure you are never without a weapon. Melee weapons can be
found absolutely everywhere and can range from a piece of jagged wood to a
katana. Travis can even use his fists if need be. Because there are so
many melee weapons, listing and analyzing them would be quite an exercise
for this poor writer. They do all share one thing in common: durability.
In the inventory screen, the "+" marker next to a weapon is its durability.
Green is good, orange is okay, and red means it's about to break. Each one
also has a charge attack that is done by holding X in combat stance. The
screen will shake and Travis will unleash his attack when X is released.
Some weapons are one-time uses. These are marked with a yellow symbol and
deal more damage than ordinary weapons. However, they are slow and can be
knocked out of your hands by enemy attacks, which breaks them. These
weapons' charge attacks turn them into powerful projectiles.

There are quite a fair number of firearms to be had in this game, and it
should go without saying that you should conserve every box of ammo you
find. Firearms make short work of boss monsters and can be extremely useful
in tight quarters. It might also be wise to carry one around on the streets
of Silent Hill, since enemies will chase you down once they see you and
won't stop until you deliver a kick to their carcass.

Silent Hill Ørigins also introduces the grappling system: whenever an enemy
gets too close to Travis, a button-pressing scene will occur in which he
tries to defend himself. Fail the sequence and Travis takes damage or could
even be instantly killed; succeed and he hurls the monster away. Different
enemies grapple differently; some don't grapple at all. In any case,
whenever you finish an enemy, it is important that you deliver a finishing
blow by releasing the right trigger and hitting X over the squirming
monster. If you don't do this, it will get right back up and continue
attacking. Note that even after delivering a finishing blow, monsters can
respawn, sometimes while you're still in the vicinity.

An entirely new concept in Silent Hill Ørigins is using mirrors to switch
between the real world and the Otherworld. To clarify, the "real world"
is the brighter one covered in mist. The Otherworld is much darker and
usually has a bloody red tint to it. Mirrors can be used an unlimited
number of times because certain areas can only be reached in the Otherworld,
and plenty of backtracking is to be had. Real world items appear in the
Otherworld in the exact same places you saw them in the real world because
the Otherworld is a mirror image of the real one, just a little more
nightmarish and with more blood and rust.

Monsters [mon]

Silent Hill is a town where the mind takes over control. Personal demons turn
to flesh and bone, and it is your job to repress them, even if it is with a
firearm. Below is a list of all the monsters encountered on the streets of
Silent Hill. Boss monsters are not covered here but are attended to when they
are encountered in the game.

All monsters are sensitive to light and, to a lesser extent, sound. Outside
where it is bright, they'll be able to see you better than when in a building.
When inside, keep your flashlight off at all times to avoid catching their
attention. Once they spot you, they will chase you relentlessly, so it is
worth it to keep out of their sight. If they should spot you, remember that
most of the time it is easier just to run.

Nurses are standard in Silent Hill and only appear in Alchemilla Hospital
and Cedar Grove Sanitarium for obvious reasons. They carry syringes with
them that they use as weapons. If they get too close to you, they will try
to bury that weapon right in your neck. Mash X to deny them that chance and
counterattack. Melee weapons or your fists should be enough to finish them.
Don't bother wasting ammo on them since they are generally weak.

Straight-jackets stalk Travis all over the game and are a symbol of
personal confinement: they are restrained by their own skin. Their only
method of attack is to spit an acidic substance at you. If you get too
close, they will attempt to choke the life out of you with a two-button
grapple move. Melee weapons are enough to take care of these monsters.
Wait for them to attack or fend them off in a grapple to throw them off,
then smack them unconscious.

Being a trucker, Travis has undoubtedly run over plenty of animals in his
day. He must have a conscience though, since these monsters haunt him.
They look like a hoofed animal whose neck and front legs are broken. It is
surprisingly capable of a chase, however. Once it sees Travis, it will turn
on a dime and follow him. They attack by ramming, which can be done from a
great distance. For this reason, you should take these monsters out with a
firearm or with a one-hit melee weapon's charge attack. In later portions
of the game, these beasts will grow to immense size. They don't lunge but
instead lift up their upper body and slam it down. This hurts and stuns
Travis even if he is remotely close. Fighting these larger Carrions is not
advised but is arguably easier than dealing with the smaller ones.

These monsters are not listed on Konami's official site and are never seen
outside of Cedar Grove Sanitarium. They are basically haunted medical halos
that wander the halls of the building. Turn your flashlight on around them
to see their full shadow. Their only attack is a long-range lunge, which
they execute while wailing at you in a high-pitched, almost feminine tone.
They are some of the more resilient monsters. They don't have much of a
body, so firearms seem to miss or do little damage. Like the Carrions,
getting close for a melee attack is hard unless you sneak up to them and
attack hard and fast.

A twisted version of a character from William Shakespeare's The Tempest,
Ariels are basically walking puppets. They can either hang from the ceiling
or walk on their hands on the ground. Above your head, they will try to
grab you. Mash the X button to escape. On the ground, they will simply
bash you with their feet. Melee weapons are good for knocking them to the
ground; while they get up, just keep swinging or stabbing away to put them
down for good.

Another Shakespeare monstrosity, Caliban is a lumbering beast that will
roam the streets and some of the corridors of the Riverside Motel. He will
put all his weight on his front legs, lifting his back legs high to slam
them down on Travis. This also creates a small shockwave that will stun
him if he's close. When Caliban roars and trembles, he is going to do a
forward lunge. Due to his size, it takes him a while to recuperate after an
attack. You can take him out with close-range attacks, but a long-range
firearm like a rifle will do. However, it's really not worth fighting this
monster at all. Run past him every time.

One of the more disturbing monsters in the game, the Twoback looks exactly
like what you think it does: two body masses merged as one. What can one
say, except that truckers get lonely on the road? However, as the opening
conversation on the CB tells you, Travis does not indulge, resulting in
anxiety that manifests itself as this hideous beast. It stalks the
Riverside Motel (which makes sense when you think about it) and is a
Straight-jacket on steroids: it will spit acid at you and can tackle you as
well. If it pins you, a disturbing one-button grapple sequence commences.
Take these things out from a distance with a firearm or blast them with the
shotgun when you encounter them in close quarters, which will happen quite
a bit.


There are no difficulty settings in Silent Hill Ørigins. The puzzles and
combat are not overly easy and not too hard, so it should be a happy medium.
Those looking for a real challenge will find it in achieving accolades, which
are discussed later on.

This game uses an item system like Silent Hill 3; that is, it may give you
healing items and melee weapons in certain areas if you are lacking. I've
gotten confirmation from Stevo99801 that the game will even upgrade healing
items (e.g. - a health drink will turn into an ampoule) if you really need it.
Because of this, it's difficult to get an accurate items listing. If I
reference things you can't see, it's likely that the game figured that you
didn't need them. Likewise, if you see things I missed, I must have either
been doing well while playing or a bad job exploring.

The Fire [fir]

After the intro, Travis will find himself on the road, looking for the girl he
avoided with his truck. The opening credits will continue to roll while Mary
Elizabeth McGlynn sings you through. You'll be in control the entire time;
just keep going down the road. Now would also be a good time to check your
inventory. Travis comes fully prepared with a radio and a flashlight, as well
as a keepsake from his past which will undoubtedly come in handy later. Past
the city limits sign, Travis will see a house on fire and rush in to save the
girl screaming inside.

The path inside the house is linear, and the fire deals no damage to Travis
whatsoever, only slows him down. Head upstairs first and then through the door
right ahead of you at the top. Make your way around the next room to a freaky
cultish set-up on the floor. With your charge in hand, make your way back the
way you came, and Travis will fall through the floor. Here, whenever the path
is blocked by flame, it will magically disappear, so simply continue your
linear trek back to the front door. Outside, Travis faints among the sounds of
sirens, one of which should sound familiar to Silent Hill veterans.

Alchemilla Hospital [alh]

In the foggy city, Travis will automatically pick up a town map and mark his
destination. Go ahead and make your way straight there; you'll be back outside
to explore more soon enough. However, if you want two HEALTH DRINKS, check the
area with the benches west of the post office and the alley by the blocked
stairs north of the hospital.

In the hospital, take the PUBLIC NOTICE memo and the HOSPITAL MAP. By the
information desk is your first save point, the red triangle on the wall. Every
door in this room and the next are locked. In the next hall, a scene occurs by
the elevator. Travis won't leave without answers, so chase the doctor to the
second floor.

In the next room, you'll get your first blast of white noise. A monster called
a Nurse will then attack you. You can either pick up the nearby HAMMER or
pound it with your fists. In any case, the Nurse will most likely grapple with
you. If this happens, mash the X button repeatedly to avoid getting a syringe
in your chest. Generally, Nurses are easy to take down with a few whacks of a
melee weapon. The blows stop them in their tracks and you can continue to wail
on them while they recoil. If you must fight them, it's an easy win. However,
there's always the chance that they'll lunge with their weapons first. You
don't get as many healing items as you do weapons, so choose your fights
wisely. Enter Room 205 when it's dead. Grab the DOCTOR'S DIAGNOSIS memo and
examine the mirror. Attempt to leave and then touch the mirror.

Welcome to the "Otherworld". Grab the SCALPEL from the gurney, the PLASTIC
LUNGS behind you, and the HEALTH DRINK from the cabinet. Turn your flashlight
off and then go out to the hall. A Nurse is walking around, but you should be
safe if your light is off and you walk instead of run. Through the door near
the Nurse's Center, enter Room 202 to get the HURRIED NOTE and the GOLDEN EGG.
A Nurse will be out in the hall now but is nowhere near you. In Room 204,
you'll find a DRIP STAND next to a locked box with the BLOODY NOTE on it. This
will be marked on your map; remember it since we'll be coming back to it. Out
in the hall, you can grab a PORTABLE TV opposite the door. Head downstairs.

There's a HAMMER in the stairwell right next to the second floor door and a
HEALTH DRINK on the top of the stairs. On the first floor is a Nurse, an
ALCOHOL BOTTLE melee weapon, and two locked doors. One of the locked doors
leads to the ladies' restroom. If you examine the golden egg in your
inventory, you'll see it fits the depression here, not to mention it's the only
thing we have that even comes close to a "key". The egg is warm to the touch
and larger than a hen's: it's a phoenix egg. Phoenix birds rise from ashes;
we have a match.

Inside, grab the STUDENT'S MNEMONIC by the sink, and then go to the stalls.
One of the toilets has a loose back to it. Open the cistern for the PLASTIC
LIVER. Why Travis would think these are important enough to carry is beyond
me. Touch the mirror to get transported back to the "real world". Get the
ENERGY DRINK behind you and check out the stalls. Make note of the "Amy, 31"
written on the door and get the STAFF LOUNGE KEY in the next stall over.

The staff lounge is through the door to your right and straight ahead. There's
an ENERGY DRINK on the couch, a TOASTER on the counter underneath the EXAM ROOM
KEY, a STAFF NOTICE to your left, and the cryptic "Lucy, 23" written on the
wall by the door. Go back to the entrance hall to open the exam room. There's
an ALCOHOL BOTTLE to your right. Ignore the operating dummy for now and grab
the PLASTIC STOMACH and PLASTIC INTESTINE from the two sinks. Turn on the
light of the X-ray box to see "Sarah, 19" written. The STAFF MEMO and a
TYPEWRITER are on the nearby desk.

Now, as to that anatomy doll, you might have guessed that all these plastic
organs are supposed to fit in there. You're right, but what good is an anatomy
doll that's missing pieces? If you put all your current pieces in, you'd
notice a hole where the heart should go. Remember the locked box on the second
floor? We need to open that for our heart. Use the mirror in the ladies' room
to backtrack through the Otherworld to Room 204.

The Heart Box Puzzle
Read the Bloody Note to get the jist here. We need the "three beauties"
for the key. Beauties means ladies in this sense, so our three beauties
are Amy, Lucy, and Sarah. The note also says "age before beauty". Each
name came with a number. We can presume that those are the ladies' ages
since we've no other clues.

Amy, being 31, is the oldest. After her is Lucy at 23 and then Sarah at
19. All you have to do to unlock the box is input those numbers from
greatest to least. Therefore, the code is 312319. Your prize is the

A Nurse will be right outside the door. Prepare to grapple, then either fight
or run. Backtrack to the ladies' room, watching for at least one more Nurse.
Go back to the exam room to confront our dummy again.

The Anatomy Doll Puzzle
This doll is pretty accurate, so placing the organs in the dummy in any
order will not work. To figure the order, you need to read the Student's
Mnemonic: "INside, STevie, LIttle HEnry LUrks." The letters highlighted
in red (or capitalized in this walkthrough's case) are the clues for the

IN = intestine
ST = stomach
LI = liver
HE = heart
LU = lungs

Put the intestine at the leftmost (lower) portion of the doll. The
stomach (the pinkish one) goes along the bottom part of the intestine
(from our point of view). The liver (the darker piece) goes above the
stomach. The heart goes in the middle of the right portion of the doll,
and the lungs go on top of that. Eerily enough, the doll's GLASS EYES
open, ready for plucking.

These eyes act as another twisted key of sorts. The only other locked door is
on the first floor of the Otherworld hospital. Backtrack through the ladies'
room mirror and get ready to grapple as you go through the door. Check the
other locked door in this passage to see a message about needing eyes to gaze
into the future, the prefect place to use our new pair.

Two Nurses stalk this new hall. Take out the closer one if you can without
alerting the other down the way. Try to use one of your one-hit weapons by
charging it and tossing it. A PORTABLE TV, HEALTH DRINK, and ENERGY DRINK are
out in the twisted "lobby" that they were guarding. In the exam room, you'll
find another, more realistic version of the anatomy dummy we played with
earlier. (Her eyes are missing. Could that be our fault?) Behind her is a
SCALPEL. Enter the doctor's office only after equipping a melee weapon of your

The first thing this monster is going to do is rush you. You're fighting
in a pretty small space so don't bother running to get distance between
you two, as this thing is pretty fast. Its only real attack is to spit
acid at you. You should drop everything and run if you see it start to
spit up. It can also harm you if it engages you in a grapple. This is
different than the one with the Nurses. The Straight-jacket will jump up
on you and hang on for dear life. Don't button mash. Instead, wait for a
face button to appear on the screen. Hit it and then wait for another.
Missing either one means you take damage.

To fight this monster, stay in its face. If you have a durable melee
weapon equipped, go to town. Odds are high that it will break and you'll
be left with your fists. This is fine. As long as you keep punching, the
monster won't get an attack in edgewise. You can also equip another
weapon as long as you do it through your inventory. If you opt for a one-
hit weapon like the alcohol bottle or the TV, it'll deal greater damage
but be harder to use. Since this monster is so fast and it takes a while
to lug a TV up to attack, you will take more damage than deal. Fighting
with your fists may make the fight longer, but as long as you keep
punching, you can win this without a scratch.

Grab the FUTURE PIECE after the fight and prepare to black out. In the scene
afterwards, we meet Lisa Garland and learn that the girl we tried to save,
Alessa Gillespie, died in the fire. Everything in the hospital is locked up;
that's our cue to leave. The exit is through the door past the ladies' room
and to Travis' right.

Outside, if you check your map, Travis will have marked Cedar Grove Sanitarium
as the next destination. It seems he still wants answers, and Lisa might have

Cedar Grove Sanitarium [cgs]

You'll be on the opposite side of the hospital outside. Check the upper right
corner of this area (according to your map) to find a HEALTH DRINK. On the
street, you'll hear white noise and a Straight-jacket will attack. It's worth
it to fight this one since it's already seen you, but keep in mind that
fighting every single monster you meet is not wise unless you want breathing
room to explore. It's tough to sneak around them when it's bright out, and
they will relentlessly chase you until you either kill them or enter a
building. You'd think that this would be a great reason to fend them off, but
the monsters in this game respawn like crazy. You may kill off one beast only
to explore, come back, and find that the same one you just killed is coming
back for more. Running really is the best option when it comes to fights in
the street. When Travis tires and you've got monsters on your heels, use an
energy drink to bring his stamina back up to full so he can continue running

There's a piece of JAGGED WOOD at the northern end of Canyon Street. Going
south, you should find an ENERGY DRINK, HEALTH DRINK, and BATON next to the cop
car. There's a TOASTER in a trash can behind town hall. Both sides of Midway
Avenue are caved in, but if you go to the east and up past the locked lumber
yard, you'll find a HEALTH DRINK. South on Borden Street, you'll find an
ENERGY DRINK in front of a house on your left and another even further south,
on the lower left corner of Cielo and Borden. The upper left corner of Cielo
and Borden hides a HAMMER behind a fence.

East on Cielo Avenue, you'll find an ENERGY DRINK on the steps of city hall and
a piece of JAGGED WOOD on the left side of the building. You'll find a MEAT
HOOK by a dumpster south and to the right of here. The little grassy spot with
the trees south of city hall houses more JAGGED WOOD.

From Cielo, go to Low Street. You need to go through the butcher shop to reach
Toluca Avenue. Inside is a save point and a HEALTH DRINK as well as a MEAT
HOOK sticking out of a slab on the wall. Going through the back door reveals a
gruesome sight. Grab the FIRST AID KIT on the wall and the nearby ENERGY
DRINK. There's also a MEAT CLEAVER for you to take.

Back outside in the ambience, go out on the main street and make a left to nab
an ENERGY DRINK and TARGET PISTOL AMMO. Further down the street (still on the
left side), you'll find a PARKING TICKET on the car. At the intersection of
Toluca and Borden Street, you'll see a new enemy. The Carrion is a remembrance
of all the poor animals Travis has made roadkill of with his truck. Even
though its front legs and neck appear to be broken, it will still chase you
with great speed and can turn on a dime. Its one attack is to ram you; it can
do this from great distance and for good damage. Try to catch them when
they're unaware, circle them and attack, or just avoid them altogether. One-
use melee weapons should take them down; use their charge attack if possible to
avoid fighting close range.

Keep going down the left hand side of Toluca Avenue for a red CRATE and
(further down) more JAGGED WOOD. On the left hand side of Acadia Road, you'll
find a WRENCH and a HEALTH DRINK on the hood of the car in the garage. Now
head for the sanitarium. You should just run past all the Straight-jackets and
Carrions to make it to the front door. If you want TARGET PISTOL AMMO, there's
some hidden as the base of the fourth tree to Travis' left. There's also an
ALCOHOL BOTTLE to the left of the entrance if you feel so inclined.

Inside, get ready for quite an excursion. In the central foyer, look for a
BATON on one of the couches to your right and head north to get the "MAGPIE"
NOTE under the doctor's office door. Turn around and head right to the door
marked "west solarium". By the wheelchair in the middle of the room is the
TARGET PISTOL and two boxes of TARGET PISTOL AMMO. You really should save all
the ammo you can for this. You shouldn't have to lift a finger to fight in
this place until much later. And you will need that ammo later. On the nearby
desk is a FILING CABINET and an ENERGY DRINK on another.

Exit and go straight across the foyer to the east solarium. Inside is the
SANITARIUM MAP. Further back in this room is an ENERGY DRINK and the STATUS
REPORT 3/12/1960. Through the other door, you'll meet Alessa's mother. In the
first storage room you see further down the hall, you'll net a TIRE IRON,
there's a DRIP STAND by the laundry room. Enter the stairwell for a save

Head up to the second floor. Here, you'll encounter what appears to be a
haunted medical halo, actually a monster called a Remnant. These enemies are
tougher than most and should be avoided completely. Bullets don't seem to do
much damage; if you want to fight, try a melee weapon, though their attacks
have an incredible range and are just plain freaky. Enter the storage room to
fight a Nurse for SHOTGUN AMMO x2, a FIRST AID KIT, and two ALCOHOL BOTTLES.
The door across from storage is jammed, but there's a WRENCH and ENERGY DRINK

Past the staff lounge in the main foyer, you'll find Nurses. Your goal is the
TB ward, as per the Magpie note. There's an iron lung with a key inside and an
ENERGY DRINK on the chair on the opposite side of the room. Take the IRON LUNG
WARNING and check the controls.

Iron Lung Puzzle
The goal here is to overload the machine so it malfunctions and opens. In
messing with the button controls on the iron lung, you should notice that
each button affects not only the meter above it but also any meters next
to it. For example, the second switch from the left activates meters one
and three as well as two. You need to get all the needles in the red
without going over. To do this, (assuming the buttons are labeled 1-5
from left to right) hit button one twice, button three twice, and button
five twice. You should find the BASEMENT KEY at the head of the machine.

Backtrack to the stairwell; you'll find a WRENCH and TARGET PISTOL AMMO by the
chair outside the basement door. Use your new key. There's a DRIP STAND and
TARGET PISTOL AMMO in the storage room in the next hall over. Don't bother
going any farther than this. There's JAGGED WOOD by the boiler room, but three
Remnants patrol the hall. If you really need TARGET PISTOL AMMO, you'll find a
box at the western end of the hall.

Sneak past the Carrion in the first hall you were in to get familiar with the
east pipe room. Make note of the drain. Now go down the long diagonal hall
marked "stairs". There's a MEAT HOOK on the right hand side of the wall if you
want it. In the new stairwell, a RAZOR sits on the floor. Up on the second
floor, two Nurses patrol. Go to the hydrotherapy room, our second Magpie stop.
Activate the drainage control by the working tub to drain the water and the
key. Don't even think about going to the pipe room downstairs to get it; it
won't be there. Instead, go to the treatment room nearby to find a mirror you
can use.

The doll here guards TARGET PISTOL AMMO. Remnants guard the hall. There's an
ALCOHOL BOTTLE on one of the desks out here. In the stairwell, there's TARGET
PISTOL AMMO to your right. On the first floor is a save point. Check out the
weird goings-on at female seclusion and check both doors of the nearby dorm for
some audio. There's TARGET PISTOL AMMO in dorm 3. Straight-jackets are now
out in the hall; sneak past them to the ladies' restroom. The shower room
holds a KITCHEN KNIFE. Examine the mirror to switch worlds. Check the only
toilet stall open and choose to flush it. That ringing noise Travis heard was
that key. Resist the urge to go down to the basement because you still won't
be able to reach it; it'll have fallen through the grate. Check the shower
room before you leave...

Sneak past the Remnants to dorm 5. In here is a BATON, the DUTY LOG, FEMALE
KEY. A TYPEWRITER and a TIRE IRON wait opposite the door in the hall. Unlock
the stairs for future use but make your way out of the female wing and into the
main foyer on this floor. We need to go to the patient belongings room, so
sneak past all the Nurses and Remnants. In the property room, grab the SHOTGUN
AMMO x2, STATUS REPORT 2/7/1961, and the TYPEWRITER to Travis' right. Back in
the room is a mirror. You know what to do.

Grab the SHOTGUN barring your exit, as well as the SHOTGUN AMMO on the floor.
Two Carrions guard this foyer. In the dayroom, you'll find SHOTGUN AMMO, a
FIRST AID KIT, and a POKER in a chair. Head for the eastern hall. Dodge the
Remnant in the east solarium for a box of SHOTGUN AMMO and a FILING CABINET.
There's a HEALTH DRINK, SHOTGUN AMMO, and the POLICE REPORT in the laundry
room. Go to the stairwell; it's finally time to get that key we flushed.
Outside the basement door is TARGET PISTOL AMMO towards the back.

Slink past the two Remnants and go to the pipe room. You should find the
INTERVIEW ARCHIVES KEY where the real world drain was. Go back and slink some
more to the diagonal hall. Here, you'll find a MEAT HOOK, a HEALTH DRINK and a
promise of goodies on the other side. Return to the Remnant's hall and enter
storage for a mirror, a HAMMER, and an AMPOULE.

The archives room is on the second floor. Simply use the nearby basement
stairs to jog up there and creep around the monsters to use your key. Another
audio flashback kicks in upon entering. Grab the SHOTGUN AMMO and PORTABLE TV
before stepping through the mirror. On the other side, there's a KATANA
waiting by a shelf. Sneak past the Straight-jackets outside to enter the
western corridor. Enter the stairs since the hallway is ruined.

In the basement, a Carrion stands watch. Go up the diagonal hall to the other
set of basement stairs. There's a HAMMER between the first and second floors.
Your destination is the first floor male wing.

In male seclusion, there are five cells, a BATON, and the CLIPBOARD. Pay
attention to each cell. Number 1 has a RAZOR and a huge mess. Number 2 is
scorched shut. Number 3 has a POKER sticking out of a well-dressed mannequin.
Number 4 is barred shut, and number 5 is full of uneaten food and a scale. Go
to the infirmary now, watching out for Nurses. There's a SCALPEL and a save
point, as well as a freaky doll set.

The Doll/Pill Puzzle
There are five dolls lined up here to correspond with the five patients in
seclusion. The clipboard you got tells you who gets what medication.
Here's a reminder:
cell 1: red pills
cell 2: blue pills
cell 3: yellow pills
cell 4: green pills
cell 5: blue pills

Who is in which room? Room 1 was the one with the razor and the bloody
mess. Kitchen knives could make that kind of mess, but the doll with the
razor blade is the likelier bet since it's a perfect match with the razors
in the room. The second doll from the right gets the red pill.

Room 2 was set on fire. The charred doll seems a likely tenant, so he
gets a blue pill.

Room 3 had dresses and perfumes in it; the rightmost doll is wearing a
dress, so he gets the yellow pill.

Room 4 was barred shut like a prison cell. Considering what dolls are
left, I'd say the homicidal-looking one with the kitchen knives is a good
guess for number 4. He gets a green pill.

Room 5 had the uneaten food and the scale. The middle doll is emaciated,
most likely from an eating disorder like anorexia; he gets the other blue

To recap (if the dolls are ordered 1-5 from left to right):
doll 1: green pill
doll 2: blue pill
doll 3: blue pill
doll 4: red pill
doll 5: yellow pill

They'll give up DR. HARRIS' KEY.

Go back to the stairwell and down to basement storage. Through the mirror,
you'll find the AMBER INCIDENT REPORT and a WRENCH in the stairwell. Go up to
the first floor. Unlock the door to the foyer and head for the doctor's
office. Inside is a DRIP STAND, the JOCASTA ARTIFACT, and some shocking
PATIENT NOTES. Be sure to pick up the CHILD'S DRAWING on the floor outside
too. From here, make your way east on this floor to female seclusion.

Go to the Otherworld through the women's restroom. If you want to make a short
detour for supplies, go down the stairs near female seclusion to the basement.
Down the diagonal hallway is SHOTGUN AMMO and TARGET PISTOL AMMO x2. Back at
female seclusion, use the Jocasta artifact to open the door. After Lisa runs
off, check the room for a BATON, a save point, and a host of drawings that get
progressively more alarming around cell 5. Equip a firearm before heading in.

The Memory of Helen Grady
This monster should be fought from a distance. Spikes line the cage-like
apparatus surrounding it, and these can be projected to great lengths to
pull you in and stab you repeatedly. The spikes usually only come out
after she comes down from the ceiling. She can also spit a cloud of
poison gas, but she stays stationary while spewing. Both of these attacks
are well avoided by staying away.

She'll somewhat slowly pull herself along by her chains on the ceiling,
trying to get close enough to strike. Stick to one corner of the room and
pull off 3-4 shots. Then, run around to the opposite corner and fire some
more. And that's basically it. Stick to the outer wall of the cell. The
poison gas shouldn't reach you here, and it gives you enough time to
squeeze off some shots before the monster catches up. She's slow, but not
slow enough for you to write her off as an easy kill.

The target pistol should be your weapon of choice, but the shotgun also
works if you let the monster get a little close. Count your shots as you
fire (6 for the pistol, 2 for the shotgun) and reload in the menu so
you're not a sitting duck. If you didn't bring a firearm into this fight,
equip a fast melee weapon, wait for her to do an attack so you can get
close, hit the monster a few times and then run. This will make the fight
much harder than it should be; there's no reason why you shouldn't have
enough ammo to fight here unless you went all Rambo in the sanitarium and
shot everything in sight. And even then you still should have some ammo
if you took that last detour mentioned.

Pick up the PAST PIECE when done. In the lobby, check the table opposite
reception for a THEATRE TICKET. In the trunk of the car outside is the LUMBER
YARD KEY. Unfortunately, Travis will not try to steal the car to make getting
around town easier. Instead, we have to hoof it to the lumber yard on Midway

Artaud Theatre [ath]

Backtrack from Acadia to Toluca, through the butcher shop to Low Street, from
Cielo to Midway, up to the lumber yard. You might have noticed some grotesque
changes in the butcher shop as well as a BLOODY CAP with a message for help.
Unfortunately, it's too late to do anything. (Why is a monster asking for help
anyway? And why would Travis be concerned for a monster's well-being?) Chug
your energy drinks to make sure you stay a step ahead of the monsters on the

After a short jaunt in the lumber yard, you'll find a HEALTH DRINK and a
NEWSPAPER. A HAMMER lies further ahead. Out on the street, check the alley by
the tavern for TARGET PISTOL AMMO. If you're itching for supplies, go south
and head over to Ash Road. The yard on Travis' left will yield an ENERGY DRINK
and a MEAT HOOK. There's more TARGET PISTOL AMMO between the southern houses
on Ash, as far south as you can go. Go north on Industry Drive. When it
curves to the right, head up to the left for TARGET PISTOL AMMO x2 and a CRATE.
In another alley in this corner lies more TARGET PISTOL AMMO. If you go south
on Acadia just a little bit, you should see a house on your right that has
JAGGED WOOD and a HEALTH DRINK on the porch.

Your real destination here is the Greenfield Apartments past the church.
There's 2 ENERGY DRINKS, a HAMMER, and a BATON in the courtyard around the
stairs. Upstairs is a TOASTER and a SCREWDRIVER on the counter and two boxes
of TARGET PISTOL AMMO on the couch, as well as a TABLE LAMP on the table. In
the bedroom is a NAPKIN, a RAZOR, and a huge mess. Grab the FIRST AID KIT in
the bathroom and jump through the hole. Nothing is down here, but make note
of mailbox 213 as you head out.

Go across the street and into the fenced-in area to find SERVICE PISTOL AMMO,
RIFLE AMMO, and a HEALTH DRINK. To the right of the theatre, in an alley, is
more SERVICE PISTOL AMMO, a HEALTH DRINK, and a MEAT HOOK. Travis won't go any
farther until he's gone to the theatre, so use your ticket at the booth and

Grab the THEATRE MAP from the bench. There's a WRENCH and a HEALTH DRINK on
the west side of the lobby. A locked door is up the nearby stairs, along with
some TARGET PISTOL AMMO. Downstairs, take the THEATRE PROGRAM PAGE by the
auditorium for the message, "Caliban has it in his cave." Enter the auditorium
for a disturbing meeting with Lisa. There's a HEALTH DRINK to the right of the
stage in front of curtain control. Enter storage on the left to get a
TYPEWRITER. Exit to the right. (Any other Silent Hill 2 fans instantly think
that puppet at the back was a mannequin?)

On the stage, an audio flashback will play. A piece of JAGGED WOOD lies
outside of Curtain Control. The TECHNICIAN'S WARNING is taped to the switch,
and IRON WEIGHTS are on the nearby desk. SERVICE PISTOL AMMO lies next to the
save point and a KITCHEN KNIFE. A HAMMER is in the southern part of the next
hall. Through the northern door, one of those puppets, Ariels, will come to
life. They grapple the same way the Nurses do, so mash X and counterattack.
Check the shelf it was guarding for a HEALTH DRINK.

A PORTABLE TV is between the dressing rooms. The SUN TOTEM is in the
director's office along with the SERVICE PISTOL, SERVICE PISTOL AMMO and a
HANDWRITTEN DIARY PAGE. The service pistol replaces the target pistol in terms
of power. You won't find much, if any, target pistol ammo anymore, so feel
free to shoot it all you want to get the most out of it. Grab the HEALTH
DRINK on the shelf behind you and exit to find an Ariel guarding an ENERGY
DRINK and SHOTGUN AMMO. Everything else is locked or jammed, except for the
men's dressing room, which houses a mirror, a KATANA, and PRODUCTION NOTES.

Ariels guard the narrow halls, and it's difficult to sneak past them. Luckily,
you've got quite a bit in the way of strong melee weapons (katana, anyone?) so
they shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, use your target pistol. This is one
of the few places where it's a better idea to fight. The BALCONY CORRIDOR
KEY and some SERVICE PISTOL AMMO are in the director's office.

A Carrion patrols the next hallway south of the dressing room. Sneak past to
find a new, bloodier Straight-jacket in the next room. In the stairwell, check
the railing on the landing for SERVICE PISTOL AMMO. An Ariel is on the second
floor. Go to the door behind it to see two square depressions. Light and
darkness. The Sun Totem we picked up fits the bill for the right hand slot.
There's nothing more to do here, so backtrack to the mirror on the first floor.

The balcony corridor was that one locked door upstairs, so backtrack through
Curtain Control, storage, and the auditorium to the lobby stairs. Up here,
you'll see an Ariel on the floor. They're still basically the same except they
don't grapple. In the lighting box is a FIRST AID KIT and four bulbs of 750W,
125W, 250W, and 500W. Grab the SHOTGUN AMMO, SCREWDRIVER, and WIRING NOTES as
well. Crap, I smell a number puzzle coming up.

Exit through the other side of the corridor and head south. A HEALTH DRINK
waits on a box on the landing. Kill the Straight-jacket in the next room for
the MOON TOTEM. Unlock the north door and sneak your way back to the mirror in
the men's dressing room. Head south and upstairs to the door where we already
placed our Sun Totem. Three Ariels now stand guard. You should try and take
them out with a firearm since attacking one will alert the others and sneaking
by them is pretty hard. Don't stay in one place or they will corner you.
Either escape back out the door or run to the other side of the room. Put the
Moon Totem on the left and enter.

Take out the Carrion and the two Ariels further down to claim a KITCHEN KNIFE
and the awesome HUNTING RIFLE with RIFLE AMMO. Use the mirror in costume
storage to switch realities. A KATANA lies on a shelf. Check the desk for the
SKETCHES (and a horrible sound from behind you) and a HEALTH DRINK.

An AMPOULE lies at the end of the hall past the Ariels. IRON WEIGHTS and a
save point wait in the orchestra storage room. In the eastern hall, RIFLE AMMO
sits in front of a catwalk door. On the only available catwalk, you'll find
our next brain teaser.

Stage Light Puzzle
For this puzzle, you need four bulbs and the Wiring Notes. There are four
lights here: A, B, C, and D. The four bulbs are 750 watts, 125 watts, 250
watts, and 500 watts. The Wiring Notes hint at which ones go where.

B is half the wattage of D.
A + B must not exceed the wattage of C.
D must not exceed the wattage of A.

Let's start with B first. There's two options: 250 (half of 500) or 125
(half of 250). If B is 250, then D is 500. This means A must be 750
(since D can't exceed A), but this won't work since 750 + 250 is
definitely more than 125, the only choice left for C.

Therefore, B must be 125, and D is 250. A could be either 500 or 750, but
remember than A + B can't go over C, so A must be 500 with C being 750.
500 + 125 is less than 750, so we're in the clear.

To recap:
A = 500W
B = 125W
C = 750W
D = 250W

When they're in place, go to the end of the catwalk and flip the fuse
switch. The lights will be on.

Go south down the stairs to the first floor. Go to Curtain Control and flip
the switch. Since the curtain's connected to the lights and they now have
power, the curtain can be lifted.

A large mirror is on the stage. SHOTGUN AMMO is hiding in the left hand side
of the stage. There's nothing of interest through this mirror, surprisingly
enough. Go to set control on the right hand side of the stage and mess around
with the switches to see different pieces of scenery and props. If you match
the scene with its correct prop, the mirror and the Otherworld are affected.
Flip the first scenery switch for the forest, and then flip the second prop
switch for the tree.

Through the mirror lies Forest World. Head up the red-lit path to the right
and grab the STAGE OFFICE KEY from the creepy tree. An audio clip will then
chime in for a good, cheap scare.

Back through the mirror, flip the third scenery switch and the first prop
switch for Old Dusty Library World. Read the three memos on the table,
DELUSIONS" memo are on a stand towards the back of the room.

Your next destination is the stage office room on the first floor. Watch out
for the Carrion and multiple Ariel monsters on the way. Might as well blast
them in such close quarters. Fight another Ariel in the office and take the
PROP CONTROL LEVER as your prize. Yes, now you have to go back to the stage.
Either run like hell or stand and clear a path through all the new monsters.
Use your lever at the prop panel and flip it along with the second scenery
switch. Caliban's Cave is now available. Equip your hunting rifle and head on

Caliban is an absolute hulk, and it hurts my back just to watch him move.
He's so slow that he should pose no real threat. His only attacks take a
while for him to execute. One is when he raises his back legs and slams
them to the ground, creating a shockwave that stuns Travis and sets him up
for another blow. The other is when he shudders, roars, and charges.
Both are easily detected, easily avoided.

The area you're fighting in isn't exactly roomy, but it is long, and that
will do. Use the same strategy you did in the sanitarium. Fire off 3 or
4 rifle shots and wait for him to get close. He'll try to attack you, but
you should already be running around to get behind him. If you don't wait
for him to get close, there's a good chance that he'll try to follow you
around the room instead, giving you less room with which to work.

Firearms are the way to go. The shotgun might not be such a good one to
use since Caliban must be close to you to attack. Stick with the rifle or
your service pistol. The rifle is slow, but so is Caliban. If you time
your runs right, the rifle's excellent range and power will make short
work of him. Melee weapons could actually work here too. Wait for
Caliban to get close and attack, then run up and smack him a bit from the
side or behind him, and then run away when he attempts an attack.

AfroMike has sent in a melee weapon strategy for those of you who want a
thrill or are out of ammo:
"For the boss Caliban I found the best way to take him out was to taunt
him into attacking. As he winds up to attack thats when you run around.
When he attacks, he doesn't move his position so you can get to his back
very easily. Then when you get to his back you take out the Katana (Unless
it was already out) and go to town. It only takes one Katana (Maybe a
half) to kill him. It's a major ammo saver and it's pretty safe if you run
at the right time and not too late."

Grab the FALSEHOOD PIECE and prepare to black out yet again. In the lobby,
grab the MOTEL KEY from the mutilated Ariel and prepare to head out.

Riverside Motel [rsm]

Head west down Koontz Street and check the first alley on the north side for
SHOTGUN AMMO and a HEALTH DRINK. Stop in the public records office and check
the back of the room for two boxes of SERVICE PISTOL AMMO and an ALTERED POLICE
REPORT. A TYPEWRITER is on the other side of the room with RIFLE AMMO x2 and
the CLOSED CASE memo. A FILING CABINET can be found behind you near a window.

On Wein Street, there's a BATON and an ENERGY DRINK by the cop car. Further
down the street, you'll see the Carrion monsters have grown immense. They
fight like Caliban, rearing up and crashing down, and there is absolutely no
reason to fight them because they will more than likely just respawn. Don't
think they're slow because of their size either; this one will likely chase
you for the rest of your stay on the street. Put it down with a firearm if you

A HAMMER lies past the Taco Shack on Canyon Street. In the alley past Green
Pharmacy is SHOTGUN AMMO and a CRATE. In front of the pharmacy is SERVICE
PISTOL AMMO, and down Simmons Street is a HEALTH DRINK on a car and a SHOVEL
behind that. Grab the HEALTH DRINK on a table at the café and the SERVICE
PISTOL AMMO in the corner and then run to Wilson Street. At the end of the
street is SERVICE PISTOL AMMO and an ENERGY DRINK. Head for the bookstore.

Inside, grab the ASSAULT RIFLE and ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO x2. (Who uses a real
rifle on a promotional cut-out?! Only in Silent Hill...) Get the SHOP NOTE at
the cash register and then think back to your stay in the apartments. The one
apartment number we encountered was 213, the one with the overflowing mailbox.
Punch that in the register and take the BOOKSTORE KEY. Exit out the back.

Outside, go into the hospital area to find SHOTGUN AMMO x2 and a HEALTH DRINK
on a dumpster. There's also a TOOLBOX by the locked doors. Check the alley by
the post office for a HEALTH DRINK and a TIRE IRON. The benches west of the
post office hold ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO x2. Your next stop is the general store.
There's Carrions roaming, but there's also goodies down the left side of the
street, so stick to the sidewalk. Check where you got your town map to find a
KITCHEN KNIFE. Go down a little farther to the gate that's across from the
general store. Here are two boxes of RIFLE AMMO in a trash can and a MEAT GAFF
on the gate.

Inside the shop, an AMPOULE is on the floor ahead of you. Check the second
TOOLBOX lie by the freezers. A HEALTH DRINK and a save point are by the
counter with the TILL RECEIPT. Get the BROKEN POLE off the floor if you want.

Out in the fog again, grab the ENERGY DRINK across from you on a crate. Go
down Midway but watch for all the Carrions. Just run since there's no items
to pick up. Cut south from Midway to Cielo and grab the HEALTH DRINK by the
trash can on the way. On Cielo, you'll see Caliban. Don't even bother
fighting; just keep going west. Behind Allen Storage is a TIRE IRON, RIFLE

The rest here is a bit of a detour; if you'd rather get on with things, go to
the circled area on your map and skip a paragraph. As soon as you're on Toluca
Avenue, check the southern side of the building behind Allen Storage for an
ENERGY DRINK, HEALTH DRINK, and ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO. Go as far south as you can
to the Blue Catfish Diner. Around the west side of the diner, in an area off
your map, is TARGET PISTOL AMMO and a CRATE. Past the Carrion to the west of
the diner is SHOTGUN AMMO x2. RIFLE AMMO and a HAMMER are in the scrap yard.
Caliban guards the scrap yard proper. In there, you'll find a SHOVEL, ASSAULT
At the front of Allen Storage is ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO. Now head to the motel any
way you can.

The motel is a pretty awesome area; just wait until it really gets going.
Ahead of you is a save point. To your right is Reception. Get the MOTEL MAP
behind you after the scene. Read the GUEST REGISTER and go behind the desk to
pick up the ROOM 306 KEY. Scope out the rotary calendar behind the desk; you
won't be touching this for a while, but keep it in the back of your mind. Go
through the nearby door.

Go through the gate next to the stairs. A Straight-jacket guards RIFLE AMMO in
Room 209. A CRATE lies in front of the nearby dumpster back outside. Room
302 holds shoes and a LIGHT STAND. Go back to the previous area and up the
stairs. In Room 316 is a LIGHT STAND and a pretty sorry-looking wedding set-
up. Ignore the passage that Carrion is guarding; it leads to a locked door.
In Room 308 is a new monster called a Twoback. It's basically a Straight-
jacket on steroids. It has a disturbing one-button grapple and can spit acid
at you as well as tackle. Yes, it looks like what you think it does. Yes, it
totally propagates the "lonely trucker" stereotype. In close quarters like
this, just blast it with the shotgun and take the SHOTGUN AMMO it was guarding.
Unlock Room 306 and go through the mirror.

The note "TO MY BELOVED WIFE" is on the wall by the door. There's a SPEAR in
Room 309 and a HEALTH DRINK in the toilet by the Straight-jacket. To move on,
enter the door north of Room 305. SHOTGUN AMMO x2 can be found in the upper
left corner of this area. The only other open door in this area is to the
south, leading to the 200/300-block of rooms.

Room 209 has a SPEAR in the toilet. Across from this room, towards the middle
of the area, is a PITCHFORK. Room 301 has a FIRST AID KIT on the toilet that
you must kill a Straight-jacket to claim. The 500-block is guarded by a
Twoback. Room 503 has a mirror for you. Real world 503 is the home of an
obsessive; the pictures are all of the Butcher, that demon that has been
chopping everything up. The NOTE ON THE RITUAL is on the desk. Caliban is
patrolling outside. He's no threat. A SHOVEL is outside the maintenance room.

Inside maintenance, a TOOLBOX is on the floor in front of you. Go to your left
to see a hole in the wall guarded by a Straight-jacket. Check every peephole
in this hall for some interesting sights. Pay attention to the calendar on the
wall in Room 500. The date circled is the 12th and must be important for it to
be marked. Someone is keeping a TV near the bath tub in the Pink Moon Suite.
There's a familiar red jacket and voices in the Rose Suite. (Are those
syringes in the bathroom? Is Lisa on drugs?) Grab the BROKEN POLE nearby, the
"SHOTGUN" PHOTO, and the MANAGER'S OFFICE KEY at the end of the hall. Check
out Room 503's peephole to see ... holy hell! He's following us! He will have
disappeared when you take a second look.

Back in the maintenance room, the JANITOR'S NOTE is further back with a HEALTH
DRINK and REDEEMER AMMO. There's also a vice back here; remember it for later.
We need to get to the manager's office, and it's gonna take the long way. On
your map, you should see a narrow passage behind the staff accommodation room.
Head that way but equip your rifle. Two Twobacks are in this narrow corridor,
and you should kill them from a distance to make it through okay.

Consult your map to make it to the manager's office. Grab the nearby FILING
CABINET and shoot the Twoback in the room. Pick up the ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO and
DUTY LOG. Exit out the back.

Unlock the nearby gate for easy access. To your right, Caliban waits by a TIRE
IRON. In Room 108, a Twoback guards a HEALTH DRINK, ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO, and a
CRATE. You'll also find the REDEEMER by the Confederate flag with a box of
REDEEMER AMMO. This is your strongest firearm yet, so save your ammo for a big
fight. Room 106 has a Twoback, a KITCHEN KNIFE, and RIFLE AMMO x2 by the
window sill. Grab the ammo and run. Ignore the white noise past the Laundro
Mat since it's only a Straight-jacket guarding a piece of JAGGED WOOD. Check
out the sight outside the kitchen, equip a firearm (the assault rifle is good)
and enter.

The Butcher
The Butcher is fairly slow, but it's still vitally important to keep your
distance. His only attack seems to be to swing his big knife. Since the
blade isn't that long, he has to be pretty close to cut you, and you
should be able to survive a couple of swings before healing. He will
initiate a two-button grapple with you if you are close enough. Failing
this one means being impaled and is, I think, one of the most brutal in-
game character deaths in a Silent Hill game. (Not overly gory but painful
to watch nonetheless.)

Use the island in the middle of the kitchen to give yourself breathing
room. Stay in a corner and shoot him as he follows. When he's too close,
run away to the next corner, manually reload, and continue shooting.
Follow this merry-go-round cycle until he falls. With the assault rifle,
it shouldn't take too long. You might not want to use the hunting rifle
since it is too slow. The Redeemer is also a good choice. Fighting with
a melee weapon is obviously not advised since nothing you have will slow
the Butcher down long enough to keep you safe from his knife. If you
want, charge attacks may work, but they'll probably just put you right in
the Butcher's clutches. Fight from a distance.

When it's fallen, Travis will deliver the finishing blow in his own
special way.

There's a MEAT CLEAVER and MEAT GAFF in this room if you want them. The note,
"TO MY ABSENT WIFE" is by the jukebox. Save and exit.

In the pool area, enter the Game Room and approach the pinging pin ball
machine at the back. (There are also five POOL CUES here if you need them.)
Grab the TOKEN and leave for an audio flashback. Elsewhere outside, Room 201
has a Straight-jacket in. Room 102 has a Twoback guarding RIFLE AMMO x2 and a
LIGHT STAND. You've no doubt noticed the shiny object on the bottom of the
pool in this area. Travis doesn't feel like a swim, so put that on hold for

In the Laundro Mat, a HEALTH DRINK rests on a nearby chair and the WASHING
MACHINE MANUAL is in the middle of the room. Check the washer with the red

Washing Machine Puzzle
Reread the Janitor's Note and the Washing Machine Manual. The former
tells you how to reset the machine: set it to low spin, 60 degree wash,
drain, and pre-rinse. The manual tells you which symbols do what.

Put your token in the machine and examine it. Because it is hard for me
to accurately describe symbols, I'll also refer to them on a clock-face
basis. For example, the symbol at 1 o'clock (the box with the arrow) is

Press X and use the arrow buttons to turn the dial on the washer to these
symbols in this order; be sure to hit X after turning the dial to each
symbol to get the washer to go through that cycle:
8 o'clock (low spin, circle with a dot in it)
4 o'clock (60 degree wash, water with two dots in it)
10 o'clock (drain, square with squiggly lines and down arrow)
1 o'clock (pre-rinse, square with arrow and dot)

Your reward is the CLEOPATRA KEY.

Go upstairs now. Room 111 holds nothing. The only other thing of interest
here is the Cleopatra room. RIFLE AMMO sits on the table, and a PORTABLE TV
is on the shelf. The "SNAKEBITE" PHOTO is on the bed. Jump through the hole
in the bath tub for a scene. SHOTGUN AMMO, a TELEGRAM, and a TYPEWRITER are in
the main room. That bastard, Kaufmann, has locked us in, so go back to the
bathroom to find a mirror.

A Twoback will meet you on the way out. The "OVERDOSE" PHOTO is on the wall
here, and a MEAT HOOK is by the door. Outside, you'll notice that the pool has
been drained. Go and pick up the JEWELED HEART. Up near Room 104, you'll find
RIFLE AMMO x2. Room 102 holds nothing of interest. An ORNAMENTAL DAGGER is
stuck in the diner. Take it.

Up on the second floor, Room 112 is another fluke, as is 212. The Nero room
has a slit in the door. Just the right size for a dagger, don't you think?
SHOTGUN AMMO is in the first room. The "STABBING" PHOTO is in the next, with a
MEAT CLEAVER and a hole in the bathroom. What's a Silent Hill game without
jumping in a hole or two? Or three or four?

Take the FIRST AID KIT to Travis' right before entering the other hole. Look
through the peepholes and grab the SPEAR and the "BROKEN HEART" PHOTO at the
end. (Isn't that Travis' father?) The "TO A GHOST" letter is in the
maintenance room. Out the door, enter Room 503 and warp through the mirror.
All these letters from Travis' father speak of great grief; his heart is
broken, just like what the photo said. In his last letter, he spoke of a gift
that his wife smashed. Since we're at an impasse, check your inventory to spy
the jeweled heart, our last major item left. Examine it to see that something
is rattling around inside. How are we going to break this heart? Remember the
vice in the maintenance room? Go there and use the heart by it to smash it
open for the WEDDING RING. Examine it to see that the month June is important.

We're at another impasse. All we have left is a day and a month. This should
remind you that we have a rotary calendar puzzle yet to solve. Make your way
to Reception to get to it.

The Rotary Calendar Puzzle
This puzzle is already two-thirds solved. We have the day, the 12th, and
the month, June, but we don't have the year. The Grady family fell on
hard times after Helen was committed for attacking Travis. All Richard's
lamentations spring from that event. If you remember the patient memos
from the sanitarium, they're dated 1960 and 1961.

Trying both years and figuring out which one is right is easy. However,
if you want definite proof that the answer is 1961, check Travis' lucky
quarter. It has the number 61 etched into it and is a keepsake he's had
from when his parents died. It's not clear when Helen died, and we don't
know what Richard did to himself (yet), but it's clear that both his
parents "died" in some form or another in the year 1961.

The full date on the rotary calendar is 06/12/1961. A small depression
opens. The wedding ring fits there nicely. This reveals the ROOM 500
KEY behind you.

You can only enter Room 500 from the Otherworld, so make your way back to the
mirror in Room 503, watching out for the second Caliban now roaming about. A
cutscene will take you to the door, which leads to a long staircase. Equip a
firearm before entering the door below.

The Memory of Richard Grady
This room you're fighting in is the smallest boss fight area yet! This
monster has two tendrils that will attempt to strangle you periodically.
Mash the X button to come out of this grapple unscathed or else you will
be strangled to death. The central head will also lash out and try to
bite, as well as spew a gas at you. The biting attack looks vicious but
doesn't seem to connect if you stay back against the wall. The gas attack
is the most harmful because it is insanely hard to avoid; this is when the
head's mouth closes and instantly pours gas in your direction. If you're
quick, you can avoid the linear blast, but it's tough.

You don't have much room in which to work. Running back and forth to the
left and right is all you can do. Choose a gun like the assault rifle or
Redeemer that is fast and powerful. The rifle is out. Stay back against
the wall to avoid the bites, and prepare to heal if the gas attack hits
you multiple times. When the tendrils appear, run back and forth to avoid
them. The head does not attack at all while the tendrils are out. Stand
to the far left or right and fire off a couple of shots/rounds. Run to
the other side when the tendrils catch up to you. If you're lucky, you'll
avoid them completely and will be able to pump enough rounds into the
beast before you take much damage.

Another strategy is to continue to stick to the two corners available to
you. Stand in one and fire a couple of shots, but then instantly run to
the other corner without waiting for the tendrils or the head to attack.
If you fire and run quickly, the head should attack where you were, and
you'll be free to fire a few more rounds before it recuperates. If you
want, Luke has confirmed that the hunting rifle can be a good choice as
long as you play it safe. Only squeeze off a few shots at a time.

The TRUTH PIECE lies on the floor. Travis gives Alessa a piece of his mind
and blacks out as usual. He'll wake up in front of a FIRST AID KIT and
REDEEMER AMMO. Make your way through the rooms, making sure to examine the
gurney Travis has his eye on. It's the one used to transport Alessa to her
special room. Get the AMPOULE and ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO before nabbing the
PRESENT PIECE on the floor.

The Flauros Puzzle
This puzzle is not overly hard, but it can be frustrating because you're
not really given any hints. You're putting together the Flauros using the
pieces you've collected. The present piece is the base and all others are
the ends. Twist the present piece around to get a look at all the symbols
on it. The end pieces have similar symbols on them (not exact, but
similar). The idea is to get all the similar symbols matching on each
side of the pyramid.

This is mainly done through trial and error. Pick a side and pick a
piece. Stick it on and rotate it so like symbols on all sides of the
piece match the base. Make sure they match on all sides. All the symbols
with lines and Xs should be on one side, all the circles with intersecting
semi-circles on another, etc. It's like a cult version of a Rubix Cube
except that this one is solvable.

Once it's complete, follow Alessa up the stairs, into the hospital area we
traversed earlier. Head straight for the exit for an amazing cutscene.

Nowhere [now]

I know that this place isn't technically Nowhere (from the first Silent Hill),
but it was the first thing that came to mind when naming and playing this
section. Also, "Nowhere" sounds cooler than "Alternate Silent Hill". Writer's
rants aside, this place is pure, nightmarish Silent Hill. Get the SHOVEL and
AMPOULE to Travis' right. Follow the linear path and make sure to grab the
CHILD'S MAP on the wall. Alessa has your route planned. Monsters of all kinds
stalk around Nowhere, but it's dark, so you can sneak around them easily.

Go as far left on Koonts Street as you can to grab REDEEMER AMMO x2, a MEAT
GAFF, and a FIRST AID KIT by the Twoback. Go back and head right on Koonts for
ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO x2. Head north on Simons and you should see a PITCHFORK in
a tree stump. Go left on Sagan. ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO x2 is past the Carrion.
There's also a BROKEN POLE in the baby carriage. Follow your blue path right
on Sagan to some ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO and an ENERGY DRINK. Follow the blue path
the rest of the way until you spy a HEALTH DRINK and TIRE IRON ahead of you on
a wall. Turn right and enter the Green Lion Antique Shop.

Read the YELLOWED PAGE memo on the table and then enter the hole in the wall.
You'll have to guide Travis through; just tilt the analog stick to the left and
watch the scenery change.

On the other end, you'll see an altar and six save points on the wall. This is
a Silent Hill game's way of telling you that you're in the home stretch and had
better save. Follow the red ... thing to another awesome scene.

Alessa's Dream
To alleviate confusion, I'm referring to this monster by the name the
official strategy guide uses. It has three primary attacks. One is a
close range arm swipe, easily avoided by staying far away. The second is
when its hands glow orange and it summons fireballs to the area. You can
tell where the fire's going to hit by looking for orange spots on the
floor, but it's still hard to avoid getting hit at least once. One hit
makes Travis reel, most likely getting him hit by another fireball. The
third attack is when the beast rears back, screeches, and seems to tear
apart its chest to shoot a linear beam of light. Run away from in front
of it to avoid this. By far, the fire is the biggest annoyance in this
fight, while the arm swipe does the most damage.

Pick a firearm you like and go to town. Keep your distance but remember
to drop everything and run when it screeches. The rifle is a good choice
here, either the hunting or assault variety. It will take more bullets
than average to take this monster down. Just repeat the major strategy of
"stay in place, fire shots, run when confronted, rinse, repeat". If you
want to fight man-to-demon with a melee weapon, wait for it to do one of
its two long range attacks. The monster does not move during these, and
it is safe to get close as long as you don't swing more times than you
should. Take a few swats and then back off before it swipes at you.

Travis will trap the beast in the Flauros after it's succumbed. If this is
your first playthrough, you're guaranteed the good ending, which leads right
into the original Silent Hill game. However, veterans of the series know that
not everything ends up roses in this town...


What's a Silent Hill game without extras? This title, surprisingly, has quite
a few things to unlock.

Endings [end]

There are three endings to Silent Hill Ørigins.

The Good Ending
This is the default ending for all first-time playthroughs. In subsequent
games, the only way to get it is simply to avoid the criteria for the other
two, which involves not killing so many enemies and avoiding a certain key
at the post office. This ending leads right up to the first Silent Hill

The Bad Ending
This ending is for those that want to know the truth about Travis as only
Silent Hill could reveal it. To get this ending, you must kill a certain
amount of enemies. The total is supposedly at least 200 and up, but this is
debatable (it could actually be less than this). Just kill everything in
sight and you're good to go. You can only get this ending after you've
beaten the game at least once. Shedding so much blood over the course of
the game awakens some repressed memories for our poor protagonist...

The UFO Ending
Yes, it's back, and it's amazing! To get this ending, you must have
completed the game at least once. Check the stairs next to the post office
that were blocked before to get the ROOM 502 KEY. Use this in the Riverside
Motel in the real world to get your ending.

Accolades [acc]

New in Silent Hill Ørigins is the accolades system. Instead of being ranked at
the end of a game, you gain accolades for certain criteria met while you
played. Below is a full list, courtesy of the GameSpot forums, as well as tips
to get each one, with help from AfroMike. Completing an accolade usually nets
you an item and always gets you a bonus costume for your next game. All
weapons unlocked through accolades have either infinite durability or ammo.

Savior: Beat the game the first time.
This unlocks the Moon Gauntlets (melee).
Tips: The whole point of this guide is to get you this accolade, so
consult the walkthrough to finish if you need help.

Butcher: Get the bad ending.
This unlocks the Great Cleaver (melee).
Tips: Getting the bad ending is not hard. The Moon Gauntlets you got from
completing Savoir are powerful enough to mow every enemy down.

Ambassador: Get the UFO ending.
This unlocks the Tesla Rifle (firearm).
Tips: There are multiple chances to grab the Room 502 key by the post
office; just make sure you get it and use it at the real world

Stalker: Have your flashlight on for less then 3 hours.
This unlocks the Night Vision Goggles (item).
Tips: This one is easy since it is 10x safer to play this game without
your flashlight on at all. If you can't see something onscreen, try
turning the brightness up or quickly turn the flashlight on and then
off when you're done. PS2 players may have a more difficult time
here since their version is darker. You need to jack up the
brightness on your TV to see well.

Collector: Collect more than 300 items.
Tips: The walkthrough will guide you to the locations of all the items
I've found, and I get this accolade every single time.

Sprinter: Beat the game in less than 2 hours.
This costume makes it so Travis never tires while running.
Tips: See the Sprinter Run section for tips on how to achieve this
frustrating accolade.

Sharpshooter: Kill 75% of enemies with firearms.
Tips: Get the UFO ending, and the Tesla Rifle will help you get this with
no problem. The gun isn't the most powerful thing out there, but
you can't beat infinite ammo.

Weaponsmith: Kill 75% of enemies with melee weapons.
Tips: Use the Moon Gauntlets since they are over-powered and lay waste to
everything. If not, there are so many melee weapons lying around
that you should never be without one. Make sure not to stomp an
enemy to kill them since that's a "fist kill".

Brawler: Kill 50% of enemies with only your fists.
Tips: Focus on monsters like Nurses, Straight-jackets, and Ariels. Since
you only need a percentage of kills with your fists, kill these
monsters and run from all the others. Stomping an enemy to kill
them off counts as a "fist kill" since you're not using a weapon of
any kind.

Cartographer: Look at your map less than 25 times.
Tips: This is one of the hardest to get, in my opinion, and my walkthrough
might not help here since I reference the map a lot. Pay attention
to Travis on this one: he turns his head to look at all open doors,
so you shouldn't have to consult the map to find a path.

Explorer: Distance traveled must be greater then 22,500 m (22.5 km).
Tips: Getting this with the Collector accolade is a sure thing. Getting
completely lost will also most likely net you this one.

Daredevil: Beat the game without saving.
Tips: Due to the game's length, this one is actually not too difficult.
Try it in conjunction with a speed run. You can also cheat and take
advantage of the PSP's stand-by feature: while playing the game,
simply turn the PSP off and then back on when you're ready to
continue, and your game should resume where you stopped.

Fireman: Rescue Alessa in the beginning in less than 80 seconds.
This unlocks the Fire Axe (melee).
Tips: The exact specifics for this are confusing. I have yet to get it so
I can't confirm any. Apparently, the timer starts only after you
pick Alessa up. AfroMike says that you only have enough time to
touch the flames and stumble twice before you're short on time.
Mike D. shared how he earned it: "Basically as soon as you start
head up the stairs and enter the door straight ahead. Then just
zigzag around the burning furniture and pick up the girl. As soon as
you do, turn back and run back out the same way you came until you
crash through the floor. Then just keep following the path until
Alessa clears 2 fires and head out the door. Quickly follow around
the stairs and take a left out into the yard. Just remember to push
START and O to skip the video and L to make the camera view in front
of you so you don't constantly run into furniture you can't see."
Time yourself and restart the game if you're not sure you made it.

Codebreaker: Input the Konami Code anytime in the game.
The code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O. You'll
hear a chime if done correctly.
Tips: Just enter the code on the in-game screen. You don't have to open
your menu or anything.

Extra Options [exo]

When you beat the game once, you get more in the way of customizable options.
Most of these were standard on previous Silent Hill titles; you must earn them
for this game.

Setting this to "Run" will automatically make Travis run everywhere, giving
your thumb a rest from holding down square all the time. Holding square on
"Run" will make him walk instead.

Extra Blood
For the Butcher in us all; fights are gorier and more blood is spilled.

Noise Filter
Turn this off if you want crisper graphics. The constant noise filter is a
Silent Hill staple but turning this off makes seeing the incredible details
easier. Also, if you turn the noise filter off, the screen will not turn
grainy if a monster is near, so you need to rely on your radio more.

Bloody Footprints
Before, Travis would leave bloody footprints in his wake only after stepping
in blood. Turn this on to make it so he always tracks blood. This also
adds a sickening squelch to his step.

Torch Projection
Put a filter over your flashlight to make it project an image. Nothing
beats staring down a monstrous version of your insane mother while shining a
smiley face at her through your flashlight.

Sprinter Run [spr]

This speed run is designed to help you achieve the Sprinter accolade. It's
also a condensed walkthrough for those of you that want a no-nonsense guide
without my text bogging you down. In the past, speed runs were necessary to
get a 10-star ranking; now, its purpose is to net you a track suit costume that
will make it so Travis never gets tired while running. (Many thanks to Mózsi
Kiss for help revising this speed run.)

A few starting hints:
- Do not go out of your way to pick up any items you don't need unless they
are healing items or energy drinks.
- Use the energy drinks you have while running through the Silent Hill
- Don't worry about picking up memos. You are not graded on how many you
collect, and all the puzzle solutions are below.
- Use one of the extra weapons when you have to fight; that way, you don't
have to worry about durability or ammo, and boss fights will be over
- Set the Walk/Run extra option to Run.
- Go for the UFO ending to cut the game short.
- Skip all cutscenes.

Good luck.

The Fire:
- Play through this section normally. If you're lucky, you'll get the
Fireman accolade here as well if you haven't already.

Alchemilla Hospital:
- Go north on Crichton and turn right on Koontz.
- Go up the stairs north of the hospital to get the ROOM 502 KEY. Go
south to enter the hospital.
- Ride the elevator to the second floor.
- Run past the nurse to 205, enter the mirror, and grab the PLASTIC LUNGS.
- Get the GOLDEN EGG in 202.
- Go to 204 and enter 312319 to get the PLASTIC HEART.
- Go downstairs and use the golden egg on the door to the ladies' room.
- Get the PLASTIC LIVER from the toilet and use the mirror.
- Get the STAFF LOUNGE KEY in the real world.
- Go to the lounge to get the EXAM ROOM key.
- Get the PLASTIC STOMACH and PLASTIC INTESTINE from the sinks. Put all
the organs in the anatomy doll: intestine first to the left, stomach to
the lower left, liver on top of that, heart in the middle right, and
lungs on top of that. Grab the GLASS EYES.
- Go back through the women's restroom mirror.
- Use the glass eyes on the other locked door in this hall.
- Enter the exam room and then the doctor's office to battle for the

Cedar Grove Sanitarium:
- Go south on Canyon, west on Midway, cut south by town hall, west on
Cielo, south on Low to enter the butcher shop.
- Through the butcher shop, go east on Toluca and then north on Acadia.
- Run due east through the sanitarium yard.
- Inside, go through the east solarium and to the stairwell. Go to the
second floor.
- Head west to the TB ward. At the iron lung, press button 1 twice,
button 3 twice, and button 5 twice for the BASEMENT KEY.
- Downstairs, go up the diagonal hall and climb the stairs here to the
second floor to the hydrotherapy room. Drain the tub.
- Use the mirror in the Female Treatment Room on this floor.
- Go down to the first floor and use the mirror in the women's restroom.
- Flush the only open real world toilet.
- Go to Female Dorm 5 to get the PATIENT BELONGINGS KEY; use it in the
main foyer on this floor.
- Use the mirror, take the SHOTGUN barring the door, then make your way to
the eastern stairwell and the basement.
- In the east pipe room, grab the INTERVIEW ARCHIVES KEY. Return through
the mirror in the storage room down here.
- Go up the nearby stairs to the second floor to the archives room. Use
the mirror here.
- Make your way downstairs by way of the western stairwell to the basement
and up the diagonal hall. Go up to the first floor male wing.
- Go straight to the infirmary and give the first doll the green pill, the
second and third blue pills, the fourth a red pill, and the fifth a
yellow pill. Take DR. HARRIS' KEY.
- Go back downstairs through the diagonal hall to and through the basement
mirror in the storage room by the southwestern stairwell. Go up the
southwestern stairwell to the first floor to Dr. Harris' office for the
- Head east to the women's room on this floor and use the mirror.
- Open female seclusion with the Jocasta artifact and enter cell 5 to
fight for the PAST PIECE.
- Afterwards, get the THEATRE TICKET from the lobby table and the LUMBER
YARD KEY outside.

Artaud Theatre:
- Go south on Acadia, west on Toluca, through the butcher shop, north on
Low, east on Cielo, north on Borden, and across Midway to the lumber
- On the other side, go north on Industry as it curves and keep going
straight across the street to the Greenfield Apartments.
- Jump through the hole in the bathroom.
- Run to Travis' right to use your ticket at the theatre.
- Go through the auditorium and curtain control to the east wing.
- Grab the SUN TOTEM in the director's office.
- Use the mirror in the men's dressing room, grab the BALCONY CORRIDOR KEY
in the director's office, and go back through the mirror.
- Backtrack to the lobby and go up the stairs to the west to the balcony.
- Get the four bulbs (750W, 125W, 250W, 500W) and exit the other side of
the corridor.
- Go south and get the MOON TOTEM.
- Go back through the mirror in the men's dressing room by unlocking the
north door in the room with the moon totem. Go all the way south and up
the stairs. Place the moon totem on the left and the sun totem on the
- Use the mirror in costume storage.
- Go to the second catwalk down. Light A gets the 500W bulb, B gets 125W,
C gets 750W, and D gets 250W.
- Go south down the stairs here (without going to the Otherworld) to make
it back to curtain control on the first floor. Flip the switch.
- Flip scenery switch 1 and prop switch 2 for the forest.
- In the forest, grab the STAGE OFFICE KEY and leave.
- Go through curtain control up to the stage office to get the PROP
- Return to the stage and flip scenery switch 2 and prop switch 3 to fight
- Grab the MOTEL KEY afterwards and leave.

Riverside Motel:
- Go west on Koontz and enter Andy's Books.
- Punch 213 into the register to get the key to unlock the back door.
- Head over to Crichton and go south to enter the general store.
- Continue south on Crichton and then cut west to the employee entrance to
Riverside Motel.
- Go to reception and grab the ROOM 306 KEY. Exit out the back.
- Go up the stairs in this area, around, and down the other side.
- Unlock 306 and use the mirror.
- Enter the 200/300-block and go south to the 500-block. Enter 503 and
use the mirror.
- Go next door to 502 and sit back and enjoy.

Trivia [tri]

Silent Hill titles are known for sneaking in a lot of extra content with the
gameplay and plot. This section will be ever-growing to try and list as many
things as I find, though contributions are always welcome. It's probably best
to read all these after having played the game at least once, since these will
hopefully give you a reason to play it again.

Silent Hill References
Ørigins shares an obvious connection to the first game, what with being a
prequel and all. However, there are little scattered easter eggs that are
meant for those who've been through Harry's traumatic experience already.

For starters, one of the original game's easter eggs returns. On Harry's
map, you could plainly see an eatery called "Konami Burger", a reference to
the ones that made Silent Hill possible: Konami, of course. In Ørigins, it
is somewhat hidden. It's the last (northernmost) building in the blue block
of establishments on your map west of the post office. Stand towards the
southern end of the park area here to get the camera to shift, and you
should see a sign on the building that says something like "Kon ... Burge".

The streets of Silent Hill are named for famous authors. Jess pointed out
that Koontz street is a reference to writer Dean Koontz:
"Dean Koontz is a prolific horror/thriller writer who has delt with themes
similar to those of the game (repressed memories, the supernatural, innocent
characters being involved in serious/life threatening events, the past
coming back to haunt a person)."
Crichton street (named for Michael Crichton) is also visible, as well as
Wilson (Colin Wilson) and Simmons (San Simmons). (The last two are courtesy
of Silent Hill Genesis: The names of
the streets on Travis' map range from cities to foreign bottled water, so no
continuity there. Jason has pointed out that the name Cielo is used in
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. The Shin Megami Tensei series uses
a lot of cultural/mythological/religious icons: both Flauros and Samael make
multiple appearances.

When you go to pick up the Room 502 key at the nearby post office, Travis
will note that there are moths on the building. This should conjure up
memories of giant moths attacking Harry on the roof of the building across
from the hospital. Looks like they still have some growing to do.

Lastly, Travis runs around the same general area of town that Harry did.
Ørigins' town map covers the southern area of this district, out of range of
the first game. Alessa's map actually covers the area where Harry ran
around, taking you right up to the Green Lion Antique Shop, which, as Harry
found out, is the real center of the cult's religion. The Ørigins version
is very nearly a direct facsimile of the first game's set up.

Silent Hill 2 References
According to an interview with the producers (courtesy of, this title has strong ties to Silent Hill 2, and it

Silent Hill 2 is undoubtedly a game with strong psychological aspects. The
producers wanted to mirror that with Travis. Even though the story revolves
around Alessa and the cult, the events during the game are all related to
Travis. Travis and James are very much alike most likely because they share
the same kind of psychological trauma. Take a look at the similarities:
- both see demons that spit acid and are bound by their own skin
(Patients and Straight-jackets)
- both are plagued by a representation of their troubled psyche that
chases them and tries to get them to realize the truth (Pyramid Head
and the Butcher); not to mention that both wield impressive knives,
attack humans and monsters indiscriminately, and hide their faces
- both are plagued by the death of loved ones (Mary, Richard and Helen
- both have a location in Silent Hill that is connected to their past
that the town openly advertises to them in the form of a gigantic,
dilapidated billboard; James has the Lake View Hotel with the sign along
Nathan Avenue, and Travis has the Riverside Motel with a sign at the
very start of the game

You may think you're playing Silent Hill Ørigins to learn more about the
cult's goings-on, but you're really digging into Travis' head.

The games also get eerily similar when Travis gets to (and past) the
Riverside Motel:
- there are several instances when Travis must walk down long flights of
stairs, reminiscent of James' long hike in the Silent Hill Historical
Society, though Travis' stairs are nowhere near as long
- Travis also has to jump down several holes; again, James has him beat
in this category (hell, even Henry from Silent Hill 4 rivals James here)
- after the motel and Nowhere, Travis sees six save points on a wall
before fighting the big fight; James had nine
- for the UFO ending, the dog that controlled the world of Silent Hill 2
comes back (or first arrives?)

There's also one of the coolest easter eggs ever: Dahlia has a painting of
Pyramid Head on her wall. In fact, it is very much like "Misty day, remains
of the Judgment" from the Historical Society (in composition, anyway). The
painting is on the second floor of her house, to the left of the door in
front of the stairs. If you examine it, Travis says that there's something
about it that makes him want to stare at it, but then he snaps back to
reality and says he hasn't got time and that it will just burn with all the

Silent Hill 3 and 4 References
The same interview mentioned above said that Silent Hill 3 and 4 had an
effect on Ørigins as well. Silent Hill 4 was the first game to introduce
the idea of breakable melee weapons with the various golf clubs Henry finds,
as well as the large amount of weapons to find. Ørigins also uses the same
grainy filter that number 4 used when Henry encountered a ghost. It's also
been noted that the Remnant monsters are related to the wheelchairs (or at
least one in particular) in Silent Hill 4. When rescuing Eileen in the
randomized hospital rooms, Henry comes across a harmless wheelchair with the
shadow of its former owner, only visible because of the nearby light. The
Remnants in Ørigins only show their full form in the light as well. (Credit
to Aoi for pointing this out.)

Silent Hill 3 has the ties to the Alessa/cult plot, but the only blatant
reference I can find in Ørigins involves the Konami Code. Silent Hill 3 was
the only one in the series that accepted the code and gave you a reward for
using it: Douglas with no boxers (if you call that a reward). For using the
code in Ørigins, you get an accolade which gives you a costume that looks
like Vincent from Silent Hill 3. Also, Ørigins' UFO ending is done in a
cartoony style much like 3's Revenge ending, and the child's map used
towards the end of this game is just like the kid's map in the church.

A two-fer reference occurs in the theatre. The Valtiel sect of the Silent
Hill cult is mentioned in the theatre's program. The Valtiel sect is (or
was) headed by Jimmy Stone (as seen in Silent Hill 4) and worshipped the
"angel" Valtiel (as seen in Silent Hill 3) whose job it was to act as a
"valet" to God and the Holy Mother who birthed her, watching over them and
keeping the cycle of reincarnation (turning the valve) intact.

Silent Hill Movie References
It was rumored that this game referenced the movie in some way, and it looks
like we've found how. ("We" being the numerous people who e-mailed me with
the following info. Thanks!) If you look at the post office across from
the hospital, you'll see that the windows have the zip code 98941 and the
words "Roslyn, Wash" on them. According to Wikipedia, Roslyn was a coal
mining town in Washington situated on top of a mine. In 1892, an explosion
occurred in said mine, and the entire town was hit with an earthquake-like
shockwave. Burning timbers shot out of the ground and rained down ash and
soot, causing numerous roof fires. This type of city-wide destruction is
very Silent Hill-ish and the raining ash carries a resemblance to the events
in the movie. (The name and postal code seem to have been removed for the
PS2 port; the windows just say "US Postal Service".)

To avoid spoiling anything, I won't go into details, but if you compare the
end of the movie and Ørigins, they seem very similar. The formula is thus:
our hero confronts the cult under Alessa's influence, then is incapacitated,
then revives shortly after to see the cult get theirs in some form or other,
and then [possibly?] escapes.

The Tempest and The Artaud Theatre
Two monsters in this game find their source in The Tempest by William
Shakespeare, supposedly the last play written solely by himself and the last
play to be put on in the Artaud Theatre. Ariel, the "airy spirit", is named
for the magician Prospero's familiar. Caliban is the deformed slave of
Prospero. The monsters from the play are the concoction of a child that
snuck into the theatre one day and watched the production. Some of the
major themes in the play are justice and the lack thereof, the problem with
distinguishing men from monsters, and magic. All of these are easily
applicable to Silent Hill Ørigins.

It is very likely that the child who snuck into the theatre is Alessa. Both
Travis and Alessa fit into the themes of The Tempest quite well but more so
for Alessa. Mike has e-mailed me with a number of reasons:
"- The note says the child is female.
"- The actor playing Prospero is brought down with a hellish nosebleed
during the rehearsal the child witnessed. We know that the child ' Seemed
to dislike Prospero intensely' and also that Alessa's telekinetic powers
were something of a bane to those who upset her.
"- Alessa was terrified of dogs, hence the dog monsters in SH1 (dog
monsters weren't seen again until SH3, and then only by Alessa in
different form), and the Caliban costume is a very doggy costume,
requiring the actor to go on all fours.
"- Act 1, Scene 2 of the Tempest (which was the act and scene being
rehearsed when Toby got his nosebleed) has Prospero talking to his
daughter Miranda about his sourcery and telling her that ' I have done
nothing but in care of thee, Of thee, my dear one, thee, my daughter, who
Art ignorant of what thou art'. I don't know about you, but a girl being
told she is ignorant of her true self sounds very familiar to me."
However, for me, this begs the question of why Travis is led to the theatre
when it seems to be the only location that is not directly related to his

The two audio clips that play in the theatre are centered on Caliban. The
first audio flashback on the stage is from the very beginning of the play.
Miranda, Prospero's daughter, is pleading for Ferdinand, the son of the one
who unseated Prospero. Tony gets too sick to continue the lines, which go
on to mention Caliban. The audio that chimes in when you take the stage
office key is Caliban's speech from Act 3, scene 2. According to
SparkNotes, its purpose is to show Caliban's humanity even though he's been
portrayed as nothing but a monster up until then.

A note on the theatre itself: the Artaud Theatre is named for Antonin
Artaud, who came up with the idea of the Theatre of Cruelty. According to
Wikipedia, "he meant not exclusively sadism or causing pain [in the idea of
cruelty], but just as often a violent, physical determination to shatter the
false reality." The idea of false realities is HUGE in Silent Hill, so this
theatre is aptly named. In fact, the philosophy behind the Theatre of
Cruelty matches the idea behind Silent Hill (both the town and the games) so
well. This goes especially for the third tenet: "cruelty as theatrical
presentation", which "aimed to hurl the spectator into the centre of the
action, forcing them to engage with the performance on an instinctive
level". As survival/psychological horror gamers, is that not what has
happened to you? (Credit goes to an anonymous e-mailer for picking up on
this reference.)

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks, directed by David Lynch, was a show that aired between 1990 and
1991. The small-town setting and atmosphere could be called Silent Hill-ish
from what we know of "regular" life in town, but Twin Peaks also has its own
"Otherword"ly aspects.

Steve Sheppard has e-mailed me with two references:
"At the motel stage near the end the decor is modeled a lot after the Great
Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks. Mainly the totem poles everywhere.
"You have to configure the stage to look like an Owl in a cave to fight the
boss of the theater stage. Owl Cave held the gateway to the White/Black
Lodge in Twin Peaks. The lodge (the red room) was twin peaks version of

Jérôme has also sent one in:
"Here's another Twin Peaks reference: at the motel, in room 302, you can
find a suitcase filled with shoes, it could be a reference to the bearded
one-armed man. A very important character in the TP mythology, he's a friend
of the red little man ( the little-man-from-another-planet ). In the show,
Dale Cooper finally manages to corner the one-armed man in a motel room.
When Cooper interrogates him, he pretends to be a salesman on the road. On
the bed of the room, the man opens a suitcase filled with shoe samples..."

Session 9
Thanks to trivia posts on the GameFAQs message boards, it was pointed out
that Cedar Grove Sanitarium carries some resemblance to Danvers Hospital in
the movie Session 9. Session 9, directed by Brad Anderson in 2001, has been
referenced before in Silent Hill 3. Its themes of memory repression and
its freaky hospital setting are enough to make a connection to Silent Hill.
In the movie, the hospital had what the security guard called a "bat" motif,
with the main offices in the middle and male and female wings branching off
from the "bat body". This set-up is exactly like the one in Cedar Grove.

Wheelchairs are also prominent in Session 9. The popular image is a lone
chair sitting in a hall, calling to whomever looks at it with a troubled
past and stirring up haunting memories. Ørigins features a number of
solitary wheelchairs in the large day rooms. Travis notes that he's been
lucky enough to have never had to use one.

One last reference is in the stairwells. Session 9 featured a chase of
sorts, up and down the stairwells of the patient wings. Players of Ørigins
know that they have to climb up and down their fair share of stairs.

The Rooms of the Riverside Motel
At the Riverside Motel, Travis encounters the truth about what happened to
his father: he committed suicide. A stunned, young Travis would block this
out of his mind, but the Riverside Motel would rather he remember. A number
of suicide clues are found in the names of the suites and the scattered

Huajun Chen sent in some great detective work for a number of these rooms:
"The ever-so-famous Cleopatra allowed an asp to bite her arm with intention
of suicide; thus the 'SNAKEBITE PHOTO'.
"Nero was the last Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty and committed
suicide by stabbing himself with the help of his secretary; thus the
"Now here's where the ancient history references end. Concerning the Pink
Moon Suite...I got to say that the creators of Silent Hill are subtle. 'Pink
Moon' was the title of the last album produced by a famous British singer
named Nick Drake. He committed suicide from an overdose of amitriptyline, an
antidepressant; thus the 'OVERDOSE PHOTO'.
"And of course, the last photo the 'BROKEN HEART PHOTO' is a reference to
Travis' father. Something that should be noted is that all four photos
depict, not just methods of killing, but of suicide."

There's also a suite named "Lucretia", next to the Nero Suite. Lucretia
was a Roman noblewoman who was raped by the son of the last king of Rome,
Sextus Tarquinius. After telling her family what happened, she killed
herself. Paintings depicting her in the act show her with a knife in one
hand, so she is also a candidate for the "STABBING" PHOTO.

Random Tidbits
Just scattered facts and observations:
Travis is hauling for Ambrose Trucking & Haulage.

The heavy downpour stops as soon as Travis leaves his cab and sees Alessa
and the fog.

Alessa calls Travis' name as he walks down the road during the opening
credits and song.

Travis passes a sign that says "Welcome to Silent Hill". The sign should
say something like "You are now leaving Silent Hill" on the back, but it
only says "Silent Hill". Why? Because everyone knows there is no leaving
Silent Hill!

The Gillespie house has appeared before in the intro video to the first
Silent Hill, and its interior was part of the Nowhere level. This is the
first time we actually see it in a game and get to enter it for real.

Check out the picture of Dahlia and Alessa together in front of their home
on the wall to the right of where you find Alessa on the floor.

After picking up Alessa and dropping through the floor, Travis turns his
head to look at all the bookshelves around the house. However, when you
interact with one, he says he doesn't have time for it now. (Thanks to
Louchavelli for pointing this out.)

In the streets, if you go near a trash can, you can sometimes hear the
sounds of it moving, toppling over, etc. If you go near where a road is
caved in, you can hear the sounds of gravel and buildings collapsing.

There are posters in the hospital that say "Don't play with matches" and
have what appears to be a disfigured child on them.

In the hospital hallway with the restrooms and the alternate exit, you can
hear a noise that sounds like a muffled telephone ringing or the hum of
some old office equipment. To my knowledge, this is not part of the
background music even though it loops like it, so this is yet another
ambient/creepy sound effect. (Thanks to Scott for pointing out the

There's a notice about a fundraising event in the hospital that Travis
won't take his eyes off of, yet won't pick up.

Travis turns his head to stare at all the stretchers in the hospital that
were used to carry Alessa.

When Travis touches the mirror in the hospital for his first trip to the
Otherworld, his reflection twitches madly. This is a reference to Adrian
Lyne's film Jacob's Ladder, one of the first major influences for the
Silent Hill series.

After finishing the first hospital level, Travis mutters, "This can't be
happening!" as the world goes dark around him and he reenters the real
world. Amanda has pointed out that this could be a coincidental nod to
when the sanity meter runs out in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem,
which is an awesome game when it comes to freaky scares. When they go
crazy, characters in that title usually scream out, freak out, and then
snap back to the real world.

The actual name of the butcher shop is "The Family Butcher".

You can hear muffled speech from inside the locked doctor's office in the

On the first floor of the female wing, there are cabinets along the hall
that Travis stares at but can't find anything interesting about.

A lot of the background ambience that plays when wandering around the
corridors of the real world sanitarium sounds like music from Silent
Hill 2.

There are plenty of medical posters on the walls of the sanitarium, but
one of the more prominent ones reads "PTSD: Fact or fiction?" PTSD is
posttraumatic stress disorder. According to Wikipedia, it "is an anxiety
disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal
in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. It is a severe
and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma. This
stressor may involve someone's actual death or a threat to the patient's
or someone else's life, serious physical injury, or threat to physical
and/or psychological integrity, to a degree that usual psychological
defenses are incapable of coping." If you need help linking this to
Travis, you haven't been paying attention!

Kris has noted that Travis stares at a shelf in the sanitarium laundry
room even after picking up all the items. Travis apparently has a staring

Jaff has noted a smiley face visible in one of the sanitarium mirrors.
For a picture, go here:

Jaff has also found pages of Konami's "Lost Memories" scattered around the
sanitarium. For an example, go here (found in the room with the Doll/Pill
Silent%20Hill%20Origins/lm.jpg The text is insanely small; if you want to
read the real deal, go here:

The Jocasta artifact in the sanitarium is named for Oedipus' mother, the
queen of Thebes, in the story bearing his name (Oedipus the King). When
an oracle tells her husband, Laius, that his own son will kill him,
Jocasta orders the baby to be left for dead in a forest after injuring his
foot so he cannot make it back.

Other plays advertised in the Artaud Theatre include Julius Caesar and
Romeo and Juliet.

In the theatre, if you enter the mirror on the stage without setting the
scene, Travis will find nothing but will intently stare at the spotlights
to his left, even after noting that they don't work.

If you examine the shovel melee weapon, Travis will note that it is "good
for maiming bodies and then for burying them".

The cardboard cut-out in Andy's Books holding the assault rifle looks an
awful lot like Travis.

Travis only laughs at his own jokes.

The till receipt in the general store contains a reference to a line from
George Orwell's novel 1984; the exact line: "Here comes a candle to light
you to bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head!" (Thanks to
Huajun Chen for this tidbit.)

On the second floor of the 300-block of Riverside Motel rooms, you can
hear someone running.

Jérôme has a possible explanation for the wedding party in the motel:
"About the suit and the wedding dress in room 316, it could be a reference
to Michael Cimino's The Deer Hunter. I've seen it 6 years ago, so I don't
remember it accurately but I think something went wrong with the marriage.
I can't remember if the groom survived at the end of the movie."

In Room 309, Travis takes a health drink straight out of a toilet. Ever
since Silent Hill 2, there has been a long-running line of "reaching into
toilet" gags. Travis is apparently the first man in Silent Hill brave
enough to reach into a toilet for something, though the one in the motel
wasn't full of gross blockage like the one in the Blue Creek Apartments.

Travis breathes really heavily every time he looks in a room through a

Taxidermy makes Travis feel bad.

In the game room at the motel, Travis says he only smokes when he's happy.
Examining one of the cigarette machines will make him say that he doesn't
want a smoke right now.

The pinball machine with the token on it, fittingly enough, has a big rig
theme to it. It also features a horizontally flipped version of this
picture of Farrah Fawcett:
sophialee/Silent%20Hill%20Origins/farrahfawcett.jpg. (Credit to eagle eye
Brian for this find.)

Luke has pointed out that the third pinball machine on the right features
the band KISS.

The lights are on and flickering in room 213 at the motel, but the door is
closed. Bronson has e-mailed a possible reference concerning this room,
saying 213 was the number of Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment. Dahmer was a
serial killer who murdered 17 men and boys and apparently stored corpses
and other unspeakable things in his room, which is not unlike all the
hanging corpses you can see in the Otherworld motel. Makes you glad the
door is shut, yeah? We could go into a lot more detail here, but I'm
trying not to spoil anything too badly.

Leonardo da Vinci's famous "Vitruvian Man" drawing can be found on the
walls of some of the motel rooms.

There's a picture of Marilyn Monroe in the Rose Suite. Lori wrote in
saying, "Marliyn was John Elton's 'rose' in his original song that he
remade for princess Di (Englands rose)." There are also drugs in the
room, a nod towards how she died.

In the Green Lion, you can see a picture of the Almighty Dog (from the UFO
ending) by the hole in the wall. (Thanks to alys D for pointing this

Tommy has pointed out an interesting oversight/tidbit: Travis left the
lights on in his truck, but it starts up with no problems when he goes to
leave. This could either be a mistake on the developers' part or a hint
for those of you looking to analyze time in the Otherworld in relation to
time in the real world. Maybe his lights weren't on that long after all?

Paul has pointed out that the last name Grady has a history of crazy
attached to it, specifically in a loose reference to The Shining by
Stephen King. The caretaker who murdered his family was named Delbert
Grady, and his spirit haunts the Overlook Hotel. Though Travis' father
was more suicidal than homicidal, his spirit also haunts a hotel-like

Scott has sent in an interesting note about the Good ending:
"In the final cutscene of the game, we see that the trucking company
Travis works for is based in Owl Creek, Alabama. Now, I might be reading
a bit too much into it, but this could be a reference to Ambrose Bierce's
short story, 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.'" This short story is
about a false reality that a man conjures up in order to escape his death.
He believes he escapes his execution but, in fact, is killed on the spot,
and readers realize his elaborate escape was all in his head. To me, this
instantly brings up memories of the first Silent Hill's Bad ending, but it
also works for Ørigins (see the note above about the truck's headlights).

Miscellaneous [mis]

If anything in this document is inaccurate, you have comments and critiques or
you have a question about the game, feel free to let me know at SophiaLee04 at
yahoo dot com. Be sure to mention "Silent Hill Ørigins" in the title. There's
not much to add to the gameplay section of this document, but I'm always open
for more trivia.

Thanks all around to:
Konami for an excellent series and Climax for a wonderful game.

ninjarza over at GameSpot for the accolades list. I could not for the
life of me find the criteria for each accolade until Google led me to your

Konami's official Silent Hill Ørigins site for the names of most of the

BradyGAMES' official guide for the monster names Konami didn't supply. for the interview with the game's producers.

Steve Sheppard and Jérôme for the Twin Peaks trivia.

Michael Preston for a spelling correction.

AfroMike (GummySnakes) for alternate Caliban strategy and help with the
tips for the accolades.

Mike D. for help with the Fireman accolade.

lov kai for pointing out that stomps count as fist kills.

sam hill for a trivia suggestion.

everyone that e-mailed me with Roslyn info.

Bronson for room 213/Dahmer info.

SparkNotes for information on The Tempest. In all my English courses,
I've never had to read that one. I love Silent Hill, but I hate
Shakespeare more, so I used SparkNotes to get the jist of the plot and
the major themes so I wouldn't have to read it.

Mike for more theories on how The Tempest fits into Silent Hill.

Mózsi Kiss for tremendous help with my Sprinter Run.

the trivia posts at GameFAQs for the hints at Session 9 references.

Aoi for the Silent Hill 4 wheelchair note.

an anonymous e-mailer and Wikipedia for the Artaud information. for basic info on Twin Peaks and Session 9.

Huajun Chen for the 1984 trivia bit as well as detailed info on the
special rooms in Riverside Motel and Wikipedia for info on Lucretia.

Jess for the info on Dean Koontz, Silent Hill Genesis (http://genesis. for other author references, and (again) Wikipedia
for some interesting search results for street names in Ørigins.

Jason for digging up the names Cielo, Flauros, and Samael in relation to

Jaff for screencps and extras found in the Sanitarium.

alys D for showing me the dog in the antique shop.

Stevo99801 for help with figuring the game's item system.

Louchavelli for noting the bookcases in the Gillespie house.

one more time for Wikipeida for info on posttraumatic stress disorder.

Kris for pointing out another of Travis' staring problems.

Tommy for a trivia bit about the truck's lights.

Paul for linking the name Grady to The Shining.

Lori for the note about Marilyn Monroe.

Brian for more pinball trivia.

Luke for the bit about the KISS pinball machine and fighting Richard.

Scott for the Owl Creek information and noting the muffled phone(?) in the

Amanda for the Eternal Darkness line.

my friend Lara for taking me out to eat at 1 in the morning so I'd have
enough energy to keep writing.

all the gaming sites that host my guides.

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