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Overwatch Role Queue: How to Find a Group in Overwatch Update

The Overwatch role queue has been added to the Overwatch PTR servers, allowing solo players to hop into a group and fill a role for their team. Up until now, players have joined a team and then hastily attempted to organize themselves into a decent composition, before inevitably being hung out to dry after a particularly stubborn teammate refuses to make a switch away from Widowmaker. With the introduction of the “find a group” button and the role queue it provides, players will now be able to find a team with spaces available for the class they want to play as.

Overwatch can be frustrating for those without a team of friends to play alongside them. Solo queueing means that players will routinely find themselves matched with those who only know how to play as one hero, and will not switch to a particular class even if it’s necessary to succeed. Find a group and the new role queue feature now means that players can create or join a group with designated slots for classes, meaning that those who hop into them will be forced to pick a tank, damage, or support hero depending on what is needed.

How to Role Queue in Overwatch PTR

In order to use the find a group feature and role queue, venture over to the orange icon next to your Battletag on the Overwatch PTR server (you can access this on the launcher). You’ll then find a list of groups and the modes they’re playing, alongside the hero slots that are available. You can then join and fill in the slots that are needed.

You can also create a group, requesting the heroes you need as part of the team composition you’re looking for. You can choose to make these hero picks mandatory, or give your group the ability to choose who they want to play as.

It’s a neat social addition that is going to make Overwatch a lot more user-friendly, and help put an end to those lonely nights trying to search for a passable team. There’s no word yet on when this change is going to be introduced to the main servers, though PC players can hop right into the PTR and try it out for the time being.