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PUBG Global Ban: What to Do If You Have 3.8.38 Error

PUBG has definitely been better at clamping down on cheaters over the past few months. However, it’s led to a problem where many players are finding themselves on the receiving end of a PUBG global ban. That’s despite users claiming they have never used cheating software. Indeed, the widespread bans would indicate that it’s something gone wrong on PUBG’s end. So, what’s really going on?

PUBG Global Ban: What’s the Issue?

Many users are experiencing an issue where they’re playing a game and, suddenly, they’re met with a screen which informs them of a Global Ban, accompanied by the 3.8.38 error code. You’ll then be unable to play PUBG at all.

This is because the anti-cheat software has deemed you an active cheater and has kicked you instantly from the game you’ve been playing. Uhh, at least you know the anti-cheat system works, right?

PUBG Global Ban: Am I Banned?

No! In fact, as of writing, the PUBG Global Ban should be lifted for all users. It’s a mistake on the part of BattlEye, the system that tracks cheaters. Those who are still experiencing the issue should raise a ticket with PUBG Help on Twitter.

PUBG Global Ban: How to Fix

There’s no fix for the PUBG Global Ban as the problem isn’t on your end. A glitch in the anti-cheat software has been found, as per BattlEye on Twitter, and they are currently in the process of “reverting all false bans.” So, should you come across this issue in the future, @TheBattlEye should be your first port of call.