Realm Royale Jailbird Chicken Skin Mixer HypeZone Cosmetic Available Now

The Realm Royale Jailbird Chicken Skin is the first cosmetic available in the game, and unlike skins, in other games, you’ll have to work hard to get this one. Chickens are the first meme of Realm Royale, and this first skin gives you a chance to get a bit of a twist on the typical colorful chicken you turn into when your health hits zero. Join us below to see how you can get the Jailbird Chicken Skin for Realm Royale by entering the HypeZone on Mixer.

How to Get the Jailbird Chicken Skin in Realm Royale by Entering the HypeZone on Mixer

Today, a new feature hit Realm Royale which is the key to unlocking the Jailbird Chicken skin. The HypeZone will feature the Mixer streamers that are closest to winning the Crown Royale from June 11 at 7:30 ET until June 18. The HypeZone will focus on one streamer until they win or are eliminated before moving on to the next.

To get the Jailbird Chicken skin, you need to do two things.

  1. You need to stream your matches on Mixer.
  2. You need to actually play a lot.

Even if you’re doing great, if the HypeZone is focused on another streamer you won’t get your turn until they win or lose. This means the more you play; the more likely your channel will be featured. If you manage to get in the HypeZone, though, you’ll be whispered a code for the skin when your time is done.

Realm Royale Jailbird Chicken Skin

Another thing you need to make sure of is that no overlays or effects are blocking your “players alive” counter and that there are no borders around the game. If you have either of those, then your channel will not be eligible to be featured in the HypeZone.

If you don’t want to be featured in the HypeZone, you can also opt out by heading to “Manage Channel” and turning off the HypeZone toggle in the “Broadcast” tab. Be warned, though, as of right now there is no other way to get the Jailbird Chicken skin in Realm Royale than being featured in the HypeZone.