Box art - Overwatch

Overwatch Hero 28 Revealed… and It’s a Hamster

Overwatch Hero 28 has been revealed and, guess what, it’s a hamster in a giant ball complete with weaponry that would make John Wick blush. I mean, we all saw that coming, right? This comes after a few none-too-subtle teases from Blizzard on Twitter, which included a Calm Before the Storm tease featuring a ball-shaped mech. Well, something popped out of said mech: say hello to Hammond the hamster.

While no release date has been revealed for Hammond, there’s the small matter of Overwatch season 11 launching in a matter of days. It’s surely a case of sooner rather than later before we can get our hands on the furry firepower-heavy Overwatch hero 28 that is Hammond.

Talking of firepower, the brief teaser alone (which you can see above) would hint that Hammond will be swelling out Overwatchburgeoning roster of tank heroes. The mech, part BB-8, part killing machine, should form most of what the character entails on-screen, with Hammond tucked away inside the contraption. I imagine it’ll also involve a lot of rolling around maps, too. Its guns look like no joke either, boasting a twin set of machine guns to go alongside the quadrupedal movement of the mech. Basically: don’t get in Hammond’s way. He will blow you up.

If you’re eager for a little backstory, Hammond is (and, no I’m not making this up) a failed experiment from the Horizon Lunar Colony. He’s Specimen 8, to be precise. Many eagle-eyed Overwatch fans had a stab at guessing his arrival well in advance thanks to the posters littered in the background of the alleyway in previous teases but, still, it’s fantastic to see the absolute unit that is Hammond rock up in such impressive fashion. He’s my new main. He’s your new main. He’s all of our new mains. This isn’t up for debate. Just look at his face.