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Fortnite Portal Locations: Where to Find all Fortnite Rifts

Unless you’ve been living with your head in the clouds, you probably heard a little about the Fortnite Blast Off event that took place recently. A rocket was fired into the stratosphere… and then things started going very, very wrong. So wrong in fact, that rifts started opening up all over the place and led to people hunting for the peculiar-looking Fortnite portal locations. If you don’t have time to trawl the map for blue-tinted rips in the space-time continuum (who does these days?) then check out the locations below.

Fortnite Portal Locations: Where to Find all Fortnite Rifts

As of writing, there are only two Fortnite portal locations definitely in the game in the wake of the rocket exploding. One can be found in Anarchy Acres, with the other making its presence felt in Lonely Lodge.

Fortnite Portal Locations: Anarchy Acres

To find the rift in Anarchy Acres, you must first go to Anarchy Acres and then head west towards the motel. If you open up your map, you can’t miss the building that’s larger than any other in the area. You’ll be able to find the rift swallowing the motel sign by the parking lot. Mmm, tasty.

Fortnite portal locations

Fortnite Portal Locations: Lonely Lodge

The Lonely Lodge portal location is far easier to stumble across. Simply head to Lonely Lodge to the east of the map (north-east of Retail Row) and, upon finding the eponymous lodge, you’ll notice the entrance is being clouded by one of the rifts in question. Uh-oh.

Fortnite Portal Locations: Other Locations

Aside from, y’know, that giant crack in the sky, there haven’t been any other confirmed sightings of Fortnite portal locations. But stranger things have happened. Watch this space.