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Captain Toad Levels: How to Unlock Super Mario Odyssey Levels

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has recently seen a Switch release and, wouldn’t you just know it, Nintendo have sprinkled on a few new Captain Toad levels. The biggest highlight, by far, is the quartet of Super Mario Odyssey levels that have made their way onto the game. Below, we’ll take a quick look at how to unlock them, as well as what Kingdoms they’re all based on.

Captain Toad Levels: How to Unlock Super Mario Odyssey Levels

To unlock all four Super Mario Odyssey levels in Captain Toad Switch, you must beat all three main Episodes in the game, though a 100% isn’t required. Once that’s done you’ll see them opened up in the level selection ‘book.’

Captain Toad Levels: Secret of the Inverted Pyramid

All Super Mario Odyssey levels require you to fetch Power Moons rather than the traditional stars. Secret of the Inverted Pyramid is based on the platformer’s Sand Kingdom and, while it isn’t using the Odyssey engine, still takes cues from the level, including Bullet Bills and, of course, the inverted pyramid.

Captain Toad Levels: Mine Cart Cascade Crusade

This level is based on the Cascade Kingdom and sees Toad on a Pokemon Snap-esque on-rails adventure clearing a path for his mine cart. In all honesty, it’s better than the Odyssey original level, which is some feat. The Power Moon can be found at the very end of the track, you can’t miss it.

Captain Toad Levels: Uptown, Downtown

Uptown, Downtown is based on the Metro Kingdom, specifically New Donk City. It’s a miniaturized version of the cityscape, with a Hammer Bro thrown in for good measure. The Power Moon for this is tantalizingly close to the beginning of the level, but you must scale construction girders to eventually jump up and over the trees blocking your path.

Captain Toad Levels: Cookatiel’s Sizzling Sprint

Finally, this take on the Luncheon Kingdom sees Toad undergoing a mad dash through the kingdom as you’re chased by both the Cookatiel and the rising purple gloop that’s slowly rising. The Power Moon appears in the large cooking pot (the one you’re launched into) at the very end of the level.