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Fortnite Funko Release Date: When Are They Coming Out?

It’s finally happening. Epic has launched a big merchandise push for a certain battle royale and this is the result of it: Fortnite Funko figures. And get this: We’ve even got a Fortnite Funko release date and, while we’ll probably be nearing double digits in terms of in-game seasons by the time they land on our lap, it’s at least around the time of the real-life holiday season, one where we’re all meant to be jolly. All the details you need are down below. You’d best get saving.

Fortnite Funko Release Date

As confirmed via NASDAQ press release, Epic and Funko are bringing a wave of Fortnite Funko Pop figures (as well as their other ranges) to stores just in time for Christmas.

There is no official Fortnite Funko release date, just the tentative release window of “Holiday 2018.” Most importantly, however, is the promise that this Fortnite merch lineup will be released worldwide, so you won’t have to go hunting for Target exclusives on the other side of the world.

What Funko Fortnite Figures Are Being Released?

Again, there has been no real confirmation as of yet, just vague details. Funko Pops, as well as 5 Star Figures, Pint Size Heroes, Vnyl, Pop keychains and even apparel, will all be released under the Fortnite banner. As long as Funko make it, you’ll be able to buy a Fortnite copy of it by the sounds of it.

We can definitely speculate on what will be released, however. Popular skins such as the Red Knight and the Tomatohead are ripe for the picking (so to speak) as are the iconic llamas and even a few figures dabbing for good measure. Don’t rule out the likes of the John Wick skin but, for licensing reasons, Epic may very well steer clear of those and other potential litigious skins for the time being.