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Fortnite Learning Center: How to Be Like Ninja and TSM Myth

Though it may be tempting to hunt down a Fortnite Learning Center so that you or your kids can learn how to play the game properly, it’s unfortunately going to take a lot more than a Fortnite tutor to get good at this game. Though there has been a lot of buzz about Fortnite coaches, with many “pro players” offering lessons in exchange for cash, there also other factors that dictate whether or not you can succeed in this popular battle royale title.

Fortnite Learning Center: How to Be Like Ninja and TSM Myth

We get it, you’ve been inspired by personalities like Ninja and TSM Myth, who stream and get hundreds of thousands of people watching every single day. And yes, we agree this all seems crazy! What you’ve got to realize, however, is that these guys are the outliers, as for every Ninja there are thousands of other streamers and wannabe pro players who don’t make it.

To be like Ninja and TSM Myth, you’ve got to beat some incredibly slim odds. We’re not telling you to give up on your dreams, but do try to be realistic before investing money into equipment or Fortnite Learning Center lessons.

Fortnite Learning Center: What Other Options Are There?

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Alternatives to a Fortnite Learning Center include just playing Fortnite with friends, or with more hardcore players that you can meet on trusted forums. If you’re continually getting beat on Fortnite, I say persevere and learn from your mistakes. Playing tough opponents can be frustrating, but it will make you a better player in the long run.

It might seem like a good idea, but Fortnite Learning Centers are probably not worth the investment. If you’re already showing some eSports potential, then join a league and see how you do. Otherwise, just keep it casual until you get better on your own.