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Fortnite 1.73 PS4 Update: What’s Included in the New Fortnite Update?

Things can get confusing when a new Fortnite PS4 update drops. For some reason, the PS4 takes a different path entirely when it comes to numbering things. Case in point: the Fortnite 1.73 update is live and, if you’re expecting something different to the Fortnite 5.30 update everyone is talking about then, well, you may end up a little bit disappointed. Still, here’s what’s included in the new Fortnite 1.73 PS4 update.

Fortnite 1.73 PS4 Update: What’s Included in the New Fortnite Update?

Essentially, everything that is on the Fortnite 5.30 update is included here. The new Tomato Head Challenges, thanking the bus driver, the free Boogie Down emote, and more are all available on PS4, just as they are on Xbox One and PC. There is no difference to those updates, though Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android can (and will) have differences in updates depending on each platform. The Fortnite PS4 update will always be identical to the Xbox One and PC versions, however.

Fortnite 1.73 PS4 Update: What’s Different to the 5.30 Update?

At the risk of repeating myself, check our guide on the Fortnite 5.30 update for the laundry list of new things that are now in Epic’s battle royale. Nothing is different in the PS4 update when compared to the 5.30 update; it’s just a decision that Sony and Epic jointly have to take on numbering their versions, especially as they each have to go through first-party authorization to get approved. To boil it down: it’s just a pretty dumb admin decision that won’t be reversed anytime soon.

Fortnite 1.73 PS4 Update: Download Size and How to Download

This is much more straightforward. To download the Fortnite 1.73 update, simply click on the game and you’ll be met with a message saying the update is now downloading. Head to notifications on the top XMB bar to check on the progress of your download. It’s a fairly tiddly 1.389 GB so shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to download, even on some of the slowest broadband connections.