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Fortnite Praise the Tomato Emote: How to Get The Praise the Tomato Emote

The new Fortnite Praise the Tomato emote is the next part of the ongoing Tomato set. Just as the Tomato Temple appeared alongside the new Tomatohead skin and more deluxe Tomatohead Crown skin style, the new Praise the Tomato emote has appeared to come along for the ride. But how do you get it?

Fortnite Praise the Tomato Emote: How to Get The Praise the Tomato Emote

There isn’t much to do to unlock the Praise the Tomato emote in Fortnite. Unlike the Tomatohead Crown skin style, you won’t have to go through the process of completing difficult challenges.

You won’t see the Praise the Tomato emote front and center on the news screen when you boot up Fortnite today, so you’ll have to head straight into the shop. That’s right, rather than work toward difficult challenges or spend your day playing a specific way to speed up the unlock, the only way to get the Praise the Tomato emote is to throw down 500 V-Bucks. Got some spare? Great! Pick up the new emote and prepare to make your squad laugh it up.

Just be aware that the Praise the Tomato emote is one of today’s “Daily Items”, so you don’t have long to pick it up. Make a decision fast, as there’s not a whole lot of time left before this one slides out of the rotation for now.

So just what does this new emote do, anyway? It’s a rare emote with the “Splatter unto thee” description – so you can probably guess what it does.

It’s a fairly lengthy emote that, when used, sees your character produce a rapidly growing tomato from their joined hands and toss it into the air as they fling their head back. Next a… well, there’s that old saying of “what goes up must come down.” Thanks to good ol’ gravity, the tomato comes right back down and splats on your character’s face. Loving the juicy zen of it all, they make one final hand signal, like a stereotypical Italian character letting you know that their food is just divine. Perfect.