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Fortnite 1.74 PS4 Update – What’s Included in The New Fortnite PS4 Patch?

The Fortnite 1.74 PS4 Update is available for players to download. The latest Fortnite patch on Sony’s console offers a few minor tweaks to the Fortnite 1.73 PS4 Update, which only landed in game on Thursday. Despite Sony’s weird numbering system, the latest Fortnite updates for PlayStation 4 are in line with those that dropped on PC and Xbox One on the same day. The slight adjustments for all platforms are likely to be the same, but let’s have a quick rundown of what Fortnite fans on PlayStation 4 can expect to see differently.

Fortnite 1.74 PS4 Update – What’s New in the Fortnite PlayStation 4 Patch?

The main Fortnite 1.74 PS4 update improvement – or reversal, depending on how you view it – is that there has been a readjustment to the sensitivity of the PlayStation 4’s dual shock controller. Reports revealed that plenty of Fortnite fans had contacted Epic to complain that their controller sensitivities had been messed with when they dropped the 1.73 PS4 update on Thursday.

Epic did release a hotfix to sort the issue, but the Fortnite 1.74 PS4 update completely reverts gamepad sensitivity back to what it was before the 1.73 update dropped. Expect aiming and moving to move smoothly again now. That aside, the usual bug fixes, stability improvements and frame-rate drop issues have all reportedly been resolved on PlayStation 4. Players can now get their battle royale on without the hassle of these problems.

Fortnite 1.74 PS4 Update – How to Download the Patch

Downloading the Fortnite 1.74 PS4 update couldn’t be simpler. Players simply click on the game’s tile card, and they should be immediately informed that the latest update is now downloading, or primed to download with confirmation. Given that it’s less then 400MB in size, it should take no more than a couple of minutes for the update to be downloaded and installed. Grab a quick drink while you wait, and then dive back in to Fortnite.