Box art - Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI: How Long to Beat?

RPG fans are gearing up for the September 4 Western release of Dragon Quest 11 Echoes of an Elusive Age. The latest Dragon Quest was released in Japan a good while back. We’ve had to wait a long time before playing Square Enix’s latest JRPG extravaganza, and it certainly looks nice enough. With so many games releasing right around now, however, many people are wondering about the Dragon Quest 11’s length. Just how long is Dragon Quest 11? Look no further intrepid adventurer, for we have the answers you seek.

Despite not having released yet in the West, Dragon Quest 11 has been out in Japan for a good long while now. As you’d expect, completing Dragon Quest 11 will set you back a good number of hours. Exactly how long is Dragon Quest 11? It depends on how you play, naturally. Rushing through the story alone will set you back around 52 hours if HowLongToBeat is anything to go by.

How Long to Beat Dragon Quest XI?

Of course, this being a big JRPG, there is far more to Dragon Quest 11 than the main story. RPG fans will be aware that we’ll spend a lot of time tackling side-quests, talking to NPCs and, as this is Dragon Quest, hitting the slots at the Casino. Taking all of this into account, plus any post-game content, Dragon Quest 11 will offer around 120 hours of gameplay if you want to see and do everything. That’s a lot of content.

There you have it, folks. Dragon Quest 11 will set you back anywhere between 50 and 120 hours. This averages out at around 85 hours for any normal playthrough of the game. So, if like me, you like to take your time and play at your own pace, say goodbye to a few days, at least.

Dragon Quest 11 releases on PS4 on September 4.

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