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Overwatch D.Va Nano Cola Skin: How to Get the Nano Cola D.Va Skin

Following her new animated short, D.Va will be getting a new skin themed after said short. But it isn’t just available on the game’s store. So you may be wondering how to get the Nano Cola D.Va skin in Overwatch since you can’t just plunk down coins for it. The skin and other cosmetics are not that hard to earn, given you know how to do it.

Overwatch D.Va Nano Cola Skin: How to Get the Nano Cola D.Va Skin

As Blizzard details on their website, you can get the Nano Cola D.Va skin in Overwatch in the Nano Cola Challenge that takes place in the game from August 28 to September 10. This challenge was in the new 2.49 update.

Players will have to win nine times in the Arcade mode, Quick Play, or Competitive to get the new Nano Cola D.Va skin. If you win three times, you’ll get two new D.Va sprays. Six wins nets you a D.Va player icon. These rewards will stack with the regular loot boxes you get from the Arcade so you can double up if you choose to play and win in that mode. Be careful though because all of these items are only available for a limited time and will disappear after the challenge’s end date.

Overwatch D.Va Nano Cola Skin: How to Get the Nano Cola D.Va Sprays

There are also other D.Va cosmetics you can get during this event but they aren’t attainable in the game. You have to tune into the specific broadcasters listed below between now and September 10 to get the anime-style D.Va sprays that unlock for every two hours you watch. Just be sure to link your Blizzard and Twitch accounts first. This is similar to what Blizzard did for the Pink Mercy promotion.

BroadcasterSpotlight Date / TimeChannel
SeagullAugust 28 (11:00 – 16:00 PDT)
MirageAugust 29 (04:00 – 11:00 PDT)
FranAugust 30 (12:00 – 17:00 PDT)
AnakAugust 31 (07:00 – 15:00 PDT) 
AfizSeptember 1 (07:00 – 13:00 PDT)
Tyr0dinSeptember  2 (16:00 PDT)
ZondalolSeptember 3 (00:00 – 7:00 PDT)
CoorujaSeptember 4 (05:00 – 9:00 PDT)
KimjaewonSeptember 5 (02:00 – 8:00 PDT)
esl_degunSeptember 6 (09:00 – 15:00 PDT)
NadiaCalaSeptember 7 (11:00 – 16:00 PDT)
KephriiSeptember 8 (17:00 – 23:00 PDT)
ValkiaSeptember 9 (05:00 – 13:00 PDT)
AimBotCalvinSeptember 10 (16:00 – 22:00 PDT)