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Fortnite Cash Flow Contrail: How to Unlock the High Stakes Cash Flow Contrail

Epic is dishing out the goodies this week. The Fortnite Cash Flow contrail promises to be one of the easiest items for you to get your hands on during the special event. While cosmetics such as the Wild Card skin has an abundance of swagger, the new Fortnite High Stakes contrail could swiftly become a fan-favorite thanks to its outlandish design. Here’s what to expect and how to unlock it.

Fortnite Cash Flow Contrail: What is the High Stakes Cash Flow Contrail?

While there’s been no official gameplay of the Fortnite Cash Flow contrail in action, we do have a pretty good idea of what it looks like thanks to a graphic shown during a recent Fortnite High Stakes challenge reveal. The outline, which you can see above, clearly shows several V-Bucks fluttering in the wind ahead of a falling player.

Contrails, for avoidance of doubt, are the little wisps of wind that rush past you as you jump off the Battle Bus at the beginning of each game. They can, however, be upgraded from the vanilla version to something more stylish, as this shows.

Fortnite Cash Flow Contrail: How to Unlock the High Stakes Cash Flow Contrail

This is all tied into the Getaway LTM that’s now gone live. To unlock the High Stakes contrail you simply have to pick up a jewel in five separate games of the limited-time mode. That may be easier said than done, however, as many teams will have their eyes on the prize and not everyone on a team will get the chance to carry the trinket.

However, it appears as though the High Stakes contrail won’t be locked behind a paywall; the High Stakes event is upon to all and, barring a late change of heart, Epic has opened the doors to any player, including those who don’t own the Fortnite season 5 Battle Pass, to be in with a chance of unlocking the upgrade and really making it rain. Now, if only we could keep those V-Bucks…