Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man PS4 Black Cat: How Black Cat Appears and Stakeout Locations

Spider-Man is now out on PS4, and it brings with it a number of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains, such as Wilson Fisk a.k.a. Kingpin. In Spider-Man PS4 Black Cat, a.k.a. Felicia Hardy, also has an important role to play. But how does the villain-turned-love interest fit into Spider-Man PS4? What are these Black Cat statues hidden around the city? Is there a reward for helping her out? Just like Spider-Man, we’re here to help.

Is Black Cat in Spider-Man PS4?

Yes! Black Cat is indeed in Spider-Man. She’s a major part of the comics and a very popular character, so it’d be unusual if she didn’t feature at all. However, her role in Spider-Man is smaller than you may expect… at least for now. Instead she plays a role similar to The Riddler in Batman: Arkham Asylum, in which she leaves little challenges for the hero to solve and doesn’t actually physically appear in the game. In fact, she only really appears as graffiti, and her special Black Cat stakeout locations.

Instead, Felicia Hardy will play a much bigger role in the game’s first DLC, ‘The City That Never Sleeps: The Heist’. You can check out the teaser trailer for the DLC below, including a glimpse of how Black Cat will look in it. She certainly looks a little different from her comic book design. It’ll be available on October 23rd. You can buy all three DLC episodes in a bundle for $25, or separately for $10 each.

What do you get for finding all the Black Cat stakeout locations?

In the main game, Black Cat leaves little devices shaped liked cats around the city, which Spider-Man has to find and take a picture of. There are 12 Black Cat stakeout locations around the map, all with a little hidden statue for Peter Parker to snap. They’re all marked on the map, so simply follow the same rules we outlined in our Backpack locations guide on how to find them. Open your map, mark a nearby Black Cat statue with ‘X’ to put a waypoint on it, and use ‘R3’ when close to scan the area.

When you take pictures of all 12 statues you get rewarded with a sweet black costume called ‘the Dark Suit’, which is supposedly made by Black Cat herself. Isn’t that nice of her? Don’t worry though, it’s not the Venom Suit