PSN Store Down: How to Fix the WS-43305-5 Error Code

The PSN store is down. Quelle surprise. While some of you were hoping to download the FIFA 19 demo or snag some games on sale, it would appear at first that PlayStation Store maintenance is ongoing, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Even worse, you’re probably being met with a worrisome WS-43305-5 error code, but fret not: here’s how to fix the WS-43305-5 error code or, at least, give you some clarity for the PSN store down issue.

PSN Store Down: Is It Down for Maintenance?

There is no official maintenance planned or scheduled from Sony’s side of things. While a 6.00 PS4 update dropped earlier (teething problems can tend to be an issue for the console’s firmware update), the PSN store being down shouldn’t be happening, to put it lightly, especially upon the release of a highly-anticipated demo.

PSN Store Down: How to Fix the WS-43305-5 Error Code

The WS-43305-5 error code appears to a completely new one, so you won’t find much in the way of solutions. However, users on Reddit have found a workaround: press “Triangle” when you’re met with the code, back out of the store browser and head back into it after a quick refresh. It may take one or two tries but- and I can personally vouch for this- it should work. It appears the system is just being a little finicky rather than being outright out of action.

If that isn’t working for you, there’s another fix, albeit not through your PS4 console. If you’re desperate to reach the PSN store, you can still log-in through the PlayStation store web page or on your app. That means that A) this is solely a console issue and B) you can buy and download games, avatars, demos, and the like from there and fire them up through your PS4 console under the “Purchased” tab in your library.