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Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update: 1v1, 2v2 Fights, New Stage, and More

Bandai Namco has just released a brand-new update for Dragon Ball FighterZ. In time for the last batch of DLC fighters, Cooler, and Android 17, the Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 update brings with it plenty of new content. It’s a big update, so there is a lot to get through here including new fight options, a new stage, new cosmetic items, and new ranks. You’ll find all the information you need to know about the 1.12 update below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update: What are the New Fight Options?

For as long as it has been released, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a 3v3 fighting game. Now, however, Bandai Namco has added in the ability to tackle local multiplayer and online fights in either 1v1 or 2v2 battles. You’ll need to think of new strategies for both new fight modes. 2v2 is largely the same as 3v3, but with one less fighter each.

You’ll need to keep an eye on your health in this more than ever, as you’ll have less fighters to swap to when you’re in trouble. 1v1, meanwhile, is almost completely different. You won’t be able to swap your fighters in and out, and you won’t be able to call on them for help during normal attacks, or special attacks. This mode might require a little more defensive play. You can’t rely on Krillin saving the day here.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update: What is the New Stage?

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update

Alongside the two new fight modes is an brand-new, original stage to duke it out on. The Galactic Arena is something straight out of a science fiction movie. With giant green screens and flashy lights accompanying a super shiny white tiled floor. It was about time the game had a new stage, and this one is pretty darn fancy. A new music track comes with the stage, too, which is nice.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Patch Notes

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 update

Other than the new modes and a new stage, plenty more has been added to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Alongside all the free new content, however, is your general list of bug fixes, new gameplay adjustments, and details regarding match replays and such. Rather than write out the patch notes, we’ve decided to attach a couple of screenshots, which you can see above, and one below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update: New Ranks Explained

Playing ranked online matches on Dragon Ball FighterZ includes ranks. The more you win, the quicker you’ll rank up. Ranking up in FighterZ awards you with a new title that can adorn your battle card. There are already plenty of ranks to fight your way up, but Bandai has added in four new ones. You will now be able to unlock the “Ultra Instinct -Sign-“, “SS Blue (Evolved)”, “Super Saiyan Rose”, and “Pride Trooper” ranks, with accompanying flashy title cards. Alongside the four new standard ranks listed above, there are also five new “Zen-Oh” ranks to unlock. “Angel”, “Great Priest”, “God of Destruction”, “Ultra Instinct”, and “Zen-Oh” can now all be achieved if you’re good enough at the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update: What Else is New?

Not content with the new fight modes, new stage, and ranks, Bandai Namco has also thrown in plenty of new cosmetic items for good measure. One of the biggest new features in this regard is the new Seasonal Z Capsules. These will contain seasonal cosmetic items based around a theme. First up? Halloween content. There are new Halloween Stamps, Lobby Avatars, and Outfits to collect. There are plenty of new character outfit colors too. You’ll be able to play as Piccolo dressed in Gohan’s orange martial arts outfit, for example.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.12 Update: How to Download the Update

Downloading the update couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is turn on your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, head on over to the game’s page, press Pause, Plus, or Options and choose “Check for updates”, or whatever the equivalent is on your machine of choice. Once you’ve done that, the update will begin to install. Despite the amount of content it brings, it’s a relatively small file (under 1 GB), so the install shouldn’t take too long at all.

There’s a lot of new content to take in here, but best of all, it’s all free (aside from the new DLC characters). For everything Dragon Ball FighterZ keep your eyes peeled on GameRevolution.