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Overwatch Busan Competitive: Is Busan in Competitive?

The Overwatch Busan Competitive play debut has been one of the most anticipated events of the year for Blizzard’s hugely popular game. Busan is the newest map to be added to the game, but can it be found in Competitive playlists? First, a primer: It’s a Control map, set in the real life South Korean city of the same name. It was revealed alongside the D.Va short film “Shooting Star,” on August 22 at a fan event in Seoul, South Korea. After three weeks in the PTR (Public Test Region), it made its full-game debut on September 11, 2018.

Overwatch Busan Competitive: Is Busan in Competitive?

Although Busan debuted earlier this month, it was only available to play in Quick Play and Arcade. This is usually the case when a new map launches in Overwatch, as players need to be given time to learn the new map before putting their SR (Skill Rating) on the line in Competitive Play. However, Busan has finally hit Competitive. Today, September 26, marks its Competitive debut, two weeks after it hit the other parts of the main game.

Busan is set to shake things up in the Competitive scene nicely, as it is perhaps the game’s most complex and versatile map to date. From the unique mechanics of MEKA Base’s control point, to the fact that Sanctuary’s point has the smallest surface area out of all the points in the game, Busan is ambitiously trying some new things in terms of map mechanics. Also, meta is usually determined during the early stages of a new map release, so Busan will be particularly exciting over the coming weeks, as nobody will really know what they’re up to just yet.

Busan’s addition to the Competitive map pool has come at a very interesting time in Overwatch, as we have just seen a huge Torbjorn rework hit the PTR, and have been notified since that Roadhog will be the next hero to be changed. Exciting times are ahead for players.