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FIFA 19 Pro Clubs Offside Bug – How to Stop the Exploit

The FIFA 19 Pro Clubs offside bug is plaguing many a team already in this year’s iteration of EA’s soccer series. The tactic, in essence, exploits the Laws of the Game to set up an easy goalscoring chance. Be that as it may, it still hugely exploits the game’s AI defensive deficiencies. Here’s how to stop the FIFA 19 Pro Clubs exploit.

What is the FIFA 19 Pro Clubs Offside Bug?

With goal kicks being able to reach a greater distance this year, players have, inevitably, found a way for it to (unfairly) work in their favor. Before a player in the “Any” role takes a goal kick, their teammates can simply stand in the opposition half and the defenders won’t follow. They will then have free rein in the final third of the pitch and will, more than likely, score from the chance.

This appears to be because of a misunderstanding of the Laws of Football, of which Law 11 states (yes, I looked this up):

“There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from: A goal kick, a throw-in, or a corner kick.”

However, this is still a flagrant abuse of the game’s AI system and should be classified as an exploit, if not cheating.

How to Stop the FIFA 19 Pro Clubs Offside Bug

You and at least one other person should take your Pro or, ideally, any defender and position your player(s) even deeper than the forwards who are currently encroaching in your half. This will then allow you to at least challenge for a header. While this is still a 50/50 chance, this is a better tactic than doing nothing and leaving it down to your keeper where, more often than not, it’s a zero-sum game of it being a goal or a ridiculous miss, rather than a save from the goalkeeper.

Additionally, EA must be made aware of this. A (polite) nudge in the direction of EA Help on Twitter should at least make the developer aware of what’s going down in the oft-overlooked game mode.