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Fortnite Quad Launcher Release Date – When Will it Arrive?

You’ve probably just seen that message in-game and are already eagerly anticipating the Fortnite Quad Launcher release date. Well, as you’ll soon find out, you won’t have very long to wait at all. That’s because Epic’s main menu teasing of the new Fortnite weapon means only one thing: an imminent release.

Fortnite Quad Launcher Release Date – When Will it Arrive?

First things first, the facts. The Fortnite Quad Launcher has popped up during an in-game bulletin (a hearty hat tip to Fortnite INTEL) which means that the weapon, which has previously come to Save the World and was also datamined extensively back in September, is coming sooner than you might think. Like, this week. Hold me.

That’s because an in-game Fortnite message is traditionally followed by said item, trap, or weapon being included in the game on the following Thursday update. In this case, the 6.1 update will drop then and should include the Quad Launcher. So, the Fortnite Quad Launcher release date is (tentatively) set at October 11, unless Epic chooses to shake up the formula slightly. Still, anything later than the week commencing October 8 would be a massive shock. Epic tends not to tease without delivering on these sorts of things, and the Quad Launcher should be no exception.

What is the Fortnite Quad Launcher?

Well, the clue is in the name. Essentially a rocket launcher than can fire four rockets at a time, the weapon will most likely be a Legendary or Epic weapon. Either way, expect it to be scarce. If it follows on from its Save the World counterpart, the weapon will also see its rockets explode into pools of fire, making it doubly devastating. That’s also hinted at in its current in-game message tease: “Quickly fire up to 4 rockets to blanket an area with explosive damage.”