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Fallout 76 Multiple Characters – Can I Have Them?

Fallout 76 players have been wondering if there’s an option for Fallout 76 multiple characters. Like other role-playing games, or titles with online multiplayer modes, gamers taking part in the beta for Bethesda’s game may wish to make more than one playable character for different playthroughs. Is this an option in Fallout 76 then?

Fallout 76 Multiple Characters – Is it Possible to Have More Than One?

Yes, according to some users over on Reddit. One Fallout 76 player, called Lunacy182, responded to a query from fellow gamer Delicious-Sushi, who had asked if this was a possibility. Apparently players can have up to five different characters in the beta, which will most likely be transferred into the full version when it’s released on November 14. Your beta characters will carry over into the main game too, so don’t fret about losing any progress.

Fallout 76 Multiple Characters – Does My Progress Carry Over to Each Character?

Nope. Like other online multiplayer titles, your individual characters will need to be leveled up on their own. A separate thread on Reddit, started by apocalypsebuddy back in July, asked how having multiple characters in Fallout 76 would work. The most upvoted comment on that thread revealed that each character would different – in that they can have different skill sets added to them – but that your experiences and levels wouldn’t be carried over when you alternate between the different characters that you’ve created.

That means that you’ll have to grind countless times if you want to get each character up to the same level and unlock their unique abilities. If you want to just stick to having one character to play solo or in online co-op, however, you can do. There’s no rule that states you have to have more than one playable character. The option to have two or more is there if you wish to use it though.