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Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Lasso Move – How to Perform

Are you sick and tired of chasing down people to hogtie in Red Dead Redemption 2? You’ll want to know this RDR2 quick lasso move then. Given that you’ll need to use your lasso at various points in the game, it’s worth knowing about an easy way to capture people and animals. Here’s how to perform the move.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Lasso Move – How to Perform

It can be a massive chore if you’re chasing someone on foot, and can’t seem to catch up to them in order to lasso and hogtie them. Luckily, there’s a faster way to get them tied up than hare around after them for miles on end.

To perform this move, you’ll want to be sprinting after the person or animal on foot. Make sure you have your lasso equipped and, when you’re in close range of them, tap the Circle button on your PS4 controller or “B” button on your Xbox One gamepad. This move instructs Arthur to tackle his prey to the ground and immediately hogtie them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick Lasso Move – Why is This Useful?

We get it. It’s much faster to pursue and lasso a target when you’re on horseback. So why on Earth would you need to know this particular move?

There’s always the chance that you’ll be forced to chase someone – or something – on foot. Whether that’s by design for a particular main or side mission, or if your horse is nowhere to be seen, you’ll be much better equipped to chase and hogtie someone with this method. It beats having to run after a person or animal, hold “L2” or “LT” to bring up your lasso reticle, and potentially miss out on lassoing them. Try it out next time you are on foot. You’ll thank us later.