Box art - Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Move Items to Horse – Can I Put Items in Horse Cargo?

It’s easy to become bogged down with stuff so a Red Dead Redemption 2 move items to horse cargo feature wouldn’t go amiss, right? But can you transfer items from the horse cargo to Arthur, and vice-versa? Well, for a game as handcuffed to realism as Red Dead Redemption 2 is, the answer might just disappoint you…

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Can I Put Items in Horse Cargo?

This is a tricky one. While you can take weapons and animal skins/pelts from your trusty steed, this doesn’t work both ways. There is no actual button or method to store any old junk. That means you can’t put items in your horse cargo satchel, with the exception of weapons and any pelts and skins you’ve found while hunting. Even then, both of those categories have a limit. You can’t pile everything onto your poor stallion and expect it to hold the load.

The only exception to this is your outfit/clothes from your camp wardrobe or local tailor. Simply buy or own a piece of clothing, and then add it to your horse cargo via the in-game prompt.

Where to Put My Surplus Red Dead Redemption 2 Items

There are a handful of places where you can drop off unwanted goods and items. Fences are the best place to sell any general loot you pick up off the ground, such as jewelry. Don’t forget, too, that you can donate certain items to your camp to raise morale and build towards certain upgrades. This is probably the best alternative as it’s intrinsically tied into the game’s narrative.

Failing that, butchers will take meat, Trappers will take pelts, and other tailors will take their specific goods. However, unlike games such as Skyrim, there isn’t a catch-all chest or storage box for you to simply dump your wares into.