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Pokemon Let’s Go Wild Legendaries – How to Catch

While your normal wild Pokemon battles aren’t to be seen in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, you can battle, and catch legendary Pokemon as per normal. It turns out, too, that there are Pokemon Let’s Go wild legendaries. These include a wild Zapdos and, most likely, a wild Moltres and wild Articuno. It’s also possible, when you consider chaining captures together to get better IVs and a chance of shinies, that wild Mewtwo and wild Mew could also be found. Find out all you need to know about wild legendary Pokemon, including how to find and how to catch below.

Pokemon Let’s Go Wild Legendaries – What Legendaries Can You Find in the Wild?

As of writing, the only confirmed wild legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go is Zapdos. This was confirmed by Laura Kate Dale, who took to Twitter to show the world her magnificent discovery. You can see her original tweet below:

As Laura explains, you will find the odd wild legendary Pokemon after catching them in their original places. While we know that Zapdos seems to appear after pumping a substantial number of hours into the game, what other wild legendary Pokemon can we encounter in Pokemon Let’s Go? If Zapdos is there, we can safely assume that you’ll be able to find both Articuno and Moltres, too. Perhaps we might be able to find multiple Mewtwo and maybe even Mew, too.

Pokemon Let’s Go Wild Mewtwo – How to Find

Pokemon Let's Go Wild Legendaries

Mewtwo may not appear in the wild in Pokemon Let’s Go but, as our post-game guide will attest, you can eventually find Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave (where else?) after defeating the Elite Four.

Pokemon Let’s Go Wild Legendaries – How to Catch Wild Legendaries

Pokemon Let's Go Wild Legendaries

As stated above, it looks like you’ll have to had played Pokemon Let’s Go for a substantial length of time in order to find encounter wild legendary Pokemon. The likelihood is, however, that after playing the game for 100 hours+, you’ll have beaten the Elite Four. After beating the Elite Four and Champion, you’ll likely have enough items to make capturing wild legendaries an easier feat to accomplish. You should have plenty of Ultra Balls, berries, and other useful tools at your disposal.

In short, these are the current scenarios where wild legendaries have appeared in Pokemon Let’s Go:

  • Have first caught the legendaries in their original natural habitats (Zapdos in the Power Plant, etc…)
  • Beat the Elite Four
  • Fly up high on your rideable Pokemon
  • Have a high chain with a Lure on (Editor’s note: A wild Articuno has been discovered with a chain of just 33 plus Lure.)

Once you’ve fulfilled this checklist, go out and try to search for the wild legendary Pokemon. Their stats should receive a boost over their original forms, which should come in handy for those looking to complete the Master Trainers challenge. Improved IVs and potential Shinies await, too.

We’d recommend you take a look at our Pokemon Let’s Go Legendary Bird Location Guide if you want to know where to catch the legendaries in the first place. Confused by how to chain Pokemon captures in Pokemon Let’s Go? Read on to find out more.

Pokemon Let’s Go Wild Legendaries – How to Chain Pokemon

As part of Laura’s original thread of tweets, it turns out that she had a chain of 180 in effect, with a Lure on. “I’ll be direct, saw this while at a 180 chain with a lure on.” That’s a mighty chain if we ever did see one.

To chain Pokemon captures, you simply need to keep catching the same Pokemon again and again, without any fleeing. This means that a wild legendary Pokemon may only turn up after you’ve hit a chain of at least over 100. You better stock up on those Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls. The Lure will should come in handy, too, as it helps to attract rare Pokemon.

While it might seem like a lot of work, higher level legendaries with improved IVs sure sounds like a good thing to have, especially with those tricky Master Trainer battles to beat.