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Fallout 76 Build a Bigger Camp – How to Perform

It appears that there’s a Fallout 76 build a bigger camp trick that’s doing the rounds online. According to those in the know, it’s possible to double the size of your base of operations in Bethesda’s online multiplayer title. Taking advantage of this nifty workaround can do wonders for your C.A.M.P, so how do you build a bigger one?

Fallout 76 Build a Bigger Camp – How do I Double the C.A.M.P Size?

To perform the Fallout 76 build a bigger camp trick, you’ll need to find yourself a very specific area of West Virginia to do this. What are you on the look out for then? A bridge. Yep, a plain old bridge. Don’t worry, read on below to find out how exactly something that, well, bridges two areas can double your C.A.M.P size.

If you build a hut on top of a bridge, you can build an extra fortification on top of it to give yourself two floors to spread your stuff out on. You can make one part of your home a crafting section, and use the upper floor as a sentry point, a place to put your bed, or anything else for that matter.

Additionally, seeing as you’ll likely be settled over a river that the bridge is built over, you can add a water purifier underneath the bridge to give you good access to a clean water supply. This in turn will help you with any crops you want to farm, if you can build one nearby on a suitable plot of land. You can see great examples of these features thanks to Imgur user bassampp, who offers an insight into what your C.A.M.P can look like here.

Fallout 76 Build a Bigger Camp – Does This Affect My Budget?

Nope. Your budget, unfortunately, will remain the same no matter how big your C.A.M.P is. You are therefore limited to the amount of buildings you can construct, as we revealed in our C.A.M.P budget problem guide. It’s worth keeping an eye on your budget meter then, just in case you run out of budget before you can build the amazing home you’ve always wanted.