How to Win Smash Ultimate Gourmet Race and Unlock King Dedede

Struggling to beat the Super Smash Bros Ultimate gourmet race in World of Light? The Food Race, which can see you unlock King Dedede if you manage to grab 11 pieces of food, can be a real tricky minigame to overcome. Knowing the best path to take in the Smash Ultimate gourmet race isn’t immediately obvious so we’ve broken it down into a few simple steps. Here’s how to complete the Smash Ultimate gourmet race and unlock King Dedede.

How to Win Smash Ultimate Gourmet Race – The Correct Path

The first thing you should know is it doesn’t matter what character you are; you’re always going to go the same speed and collect the same amount of food, as long as you take the correct path. Here’s how to do it:

  • At the first junction, immediately go up
  • Go up again and walk over the pear
  • After crossing the star bridge over the body of water, go down and collect the next food item, a bowl of soup
  • Next, go right and pick up the glass of soda
  • Go down and collect the baguette
  • Press right and collect the cup of suspiciously-yellow liquid.
  • Go down at the next fork in the road and grab the salad
  • Head right now then immediately up which sees you skipping the foodstuff with a leaf on top 
  • Then it’s another right then up to get to the loaf of bread
  • Right to get the apple
  • Up to the kebab
  • Right to the chicken
  • Down and then, finally, right to snatch up the grapes and cross the finish line

Phew. While there are other ways of doing it, this is the best and most straightforward method to collecting all 11 pieces of food needed to unlock a new challenger…

What Do You Unlock After Winning the Smash Ultimate Gourmet Race?

Done all that? Good. You’ve now got to fight King Dedede. Beat Kirby’s foe and you’ll unlock him for use in the main game as well as the World of Light. Lose and, well, you’d best consult our Rematch Challengers in Smash Ultimate guide. Spoiler: You can get another go at him pretty soon after.