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Destiny 2 Orpheus Rig – How to Get Orpheus Rig

Destiny 2 is in the middle of its annual winter festival The Dawning, but there’s still time to shoot enemies and gather handy pieces of armor for your character. One of the more useful bits of armor to track down is the Destiny 2 Orpheus Rig, a fantastic piece of leg armor that’s especially good for team players. But where do you get it, and what’s the Orpheus Rig good for? We’ve got the answers.

What is the Destiny 2 Orpheus Rig?

The Orpheus Rig is an excellent piece of leg armor, or exotic Hunter boots to be precise. They’re best used with the Nightstalker subclass of Hunter, as its intrinsic perk is Uncanny Arrows, which provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by the Nightstalker’s Shadowshot anchors. It allows you to use your super and your abilities basically at the same time, if you’re good enough. This also produces a lot of Orbs of Light for teammates.

How to Get Destiny 2 Orpheus Rig

You’ll need to be a Hunter to get this piece of leg armor. Unfortunately, the Orpheus Rig is a random drop, either from just around or during Heroic Public Events or in the Crucible. You can also possibly get it as a reward for leveling up a vendor, although none of these are guaranteed. There is an easier way right now though…

Is Xur Selling Orpheus Rig?

Yes! As of today, December 14, Xur is back around and he’s carrying Orpheus Rig exotic Hunter boots to buy, for the price of just 23 Legendary Shards. Considering how difficult, or rather just how random, it is to find these particular boots while playing Destiny 2 normally, it’s well worth picking up. As usual, it’ll probably be gone from Xur’s inventory after this week, so grab them while you can. Only if you’re a Hunter of course, otherwise they’ll be useless to you.