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Fallout 76 Bunker Buster Quest – How to Complete

Fallout 76 has many superb quests, but the best have you completing missions to join one of the game’s many factions, such as the Order of Mysteries, the Brotherhood of Steel, or the weird and wonderful Cult of the Mothman. But perhaps the toughest and most intriguing faction to join are the Enclave, the villainous faction that screwed things up in Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, but to do so you’ll need to complete the Fallout 76 Bunker Buster mission.

The Bunker Buster quest is the first part of the questline that gives you access to the Enclave facility within Whitespring, and let’s you to join the primary villains of the Fallout series for the first time. But that’s not where you have to go to complete Bunker Buster. So, where do you need to go, and what do you need to do once you get there? What monsters are waiting within? We’ve got the answers.

Where to Find the Fallout 76 Bunker Buster Quest

fallout 76 waste dump

While the official Enclave bunker is just round the back of the Whitespring builder, east of Charleston, to actually get inside it and join the Enclave you’ll need to first visit the other bunker far to the east in the Mire region. Head to the point on the map above to find the Abandoned Waste Dump, just to the east of the Southern Belle Motel. Explore it a bit to find a gap in the fence on the north side, then enter the cave there and you’ll get a miscellaneous quest to “investigate the bunker.” Now we can start the Bunker Buster mission.

How to Get Inside the Bunker

Head inside the cave and take a left, and you’ll eventually come to a green area with a Deathclaw nest. You don’t necessarily have to kill any Deathclaws to progress, but it’ll be easier for exploration if you do. Otherwise, sneak very carefully! Either way, head down into the nest and examine it to find a Bypass Holotape. Pick it up, then head to the gap in the rocks to the side to find a corpse of an agent. Pick up the Operation Summary – Blackwell Holotape. The Bunker Buster mission should now pop up for you.

Head back to where you first took a left, and look for some locked doors. This is the opening to the bunker, which is actually an elevator with a secure panel. Play the holotape, and instead of words you’ll just hear an odd sound. Try the panel, and it should allow you access to the elevator this time.

How to Complete the Fallout 76 Bunker Buster Quest

Head down the stairs and follow the objective marker until you reach a laser grid. There’s a hand scanner on the right that you need to interact with. Head to the doorway you just passed, by the stairs, and head up until you reach the control center. Search the nearby desk to find a “Security System Manual Reset.” If you have a Hacking skill level 3 you can simply hack the nearby terminal to deactivate the laser grid, otherwise you’ll have to follow the instructions.

  • Throw the Circuit Breaker: In the laundry room, which is downstairs.
  • Open the Air Flute: Also downstairs, in the generator room, above the generators themselves.
  • Activate Circuit Conduit: Upstairs near the control center. By the bridge, cut through the broken railing and go to the vents. The conduit is nearby.

Go and activate the hand scanner and the laser grid should let you by this time. Now you’ll be in Senator Sam Blackwell’s secure room, which you’ll have to search. There’s a keypad in the room, and the game will prompt you to find the code. Check Blackwell’s terminal to the side, and then start reading his journal. The keypad code is the day of death for Judy, so 02/15/84. Note that it’s possible there are multiple codes, if so just explore the room for other potentials. This was the code for us, though.

This will unlock a hidden compartment behind a nearby painting, next to Blackwell’s desk. You’ll find a holotape called “Welcome to the Whitespring” and a Congressional Access Card. Give the holotape a listen. At this point, the Bunker Buster quest will be complete, and you can head to the Whitespring bunker to continue the Enclave questline with the “One of Us” mission.