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Atlas Ramshackle Sloop exploding – Is there a fix?

Oh dear. Studio Wildcard may have added the Atlas Ramshackle Sloop in its recent Atlas v10 update, but that doesn’t mean everything has been plain sailing. That’s because there’s been a big Ramshackle Sloop exploding bug. But is there a way to stop the Atlas Ramshackle Sloop from blowing up and being destroyed immediately? Well, sorta. It all stems from what you can and can’t do with the current version of the game.

Why is the Atlas Ramshackle Sloop exploding?

One word: Freeport. That’s right, everything is tied to the Ramshackle Sloop exploding upon leaving the safe zone in both official and unofficial servers. Everything is fine and dandy once you’re in your own little safe zone; you’re able to sail around a small patch of water with relative ease, but as soon as you go any further out, the ship immediately gets destroyed.

As you can imagine, with it being the cheapest ship, it’s got a few penny-pinchers on the open seas up in arms. So, how do you go about fixing it?

Is there an Atlas Ramshackle Sloop exploding fix?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing where I can immediately say “Do this” and your problems will be magically solved. It’s a fault on the developer’s end and one that needs to be remedied through a hotfix or other means in the coming days.

My advice? Don’t use the Ramshackle Sloop until we breeze well past the next Atlas update. If you absolutely insist on using it, just don’t use it outside the designated Freeport areas.

The next step is to let someone know about it. While the official Atlas account may seem @jatheishlike a good bet, it’s already fighting against the tide of several people throwing suggestions and asking for advice all at once. You should contact (but don’t be pushy!). He’s done a commendable effort thus far in opening up to the community and should help pass any issues on to the dev team.