What is the new Sword Art Online Alicization OP song?

For the first time in 13 episodes, we’ve got a new Sword Art Online Alicization OP song. If you’re eager to see the show’s second opening for episode 14, “The Crimson Knight,” as well as seeing details regarding who sings the SAO Alicization second OP then you’ve come to the right place. Here is the second Sword Art Online Alicization opening, as well as the second ending.

What is the new Sword Art Online Alicization OP song?

The track goes by the name of Resister and it’s performed by artist ASCA, the stage name for singer Asuka Okura. She has previous when it comes to anime, too, having provided the ending songs for both Record of Grancrest War and Fate/Apocrypha.

As for the video itself, it acts as a run-through of what we can expect in the Sword Art Online Alicization “Dividing” story arc, otherwise known as this season’s second cour. The second Sword Art Online Alicization OP charts the journey that lead Kirito and Eugeo have been on so far, leading them all the way to the Central Tower where the Administrator lies in wait.

Of course, Alice also features, as does the eponymous Crimson Knight who made his debut during episode 14. It ends with a brief montage of various symbols and sights we might come across in the next dozen-or-so episodes before returning to the Kirito and Eugeo’s trusty so-bad-it’s-good handshake.

As well as the OP, there’s also a second SAO Alicization ending theme: Forget-me-not by ReoNa, who has appeared in Gun Gale Online as the singing voice for Eliza, which is a neat piece of trivia.

How to watch the new Sword Art Online Alicization OP song

You can watch (and listen to) both the Sword Art Online Alicization second OP and the new ending courtesy of Twitter account @pkjd818 down below.