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Fortnite Lynx unlockable styles – How to upgrade the Season 7 Battle Pass skin

The Fortnite Lynx skin is the first Season 7 Battle Pass outfit you unlock, but did you know there are Lynx unlockable styles that bring with it new designs and even new colors? Here’s how to fully upgrade the Fortnite Lynx skin, including how to unlock the Fortnite Black Panther skin that definitely won’t lead to legal issues down the line. Ahem.

What are the Fortnite Lynx unlockable styles?

The skin comes with four stages of development that can be unlocked by accruing a certain amount of XP during Fortnite season 7. They are as follows:

  • Fortnite Lynx stage 1 (base): A generic female skin with backwards baseball cap, purple hair, lynx ears, and a jacket.

Fortnite lynx

  • Fortnite Lynx stage 2: The Lynx skin now has a sleek, black Lynx-style outfit, complete with a cut-off hoodie

  • Fortnite Lynx stage 3: The Lynx skin has turned into a full superhero-esque outfit

  • Fortnite Lynx stage 4: Similar to stage 3, but you now get a tail. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to whip people.

There are also three colors for Stages 3-4, otherwise referred to in-game as “Clothing,” to unlock:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

How to upgrade the Fortnite Lynx Season 7 Battle Pass skin

Let’s start with the stages. Here’s what you need to do to upgrade the Fortnite Lynx Season 7 Battle Pass skin and unlock its true potential.

  • Fortnite Lynx stage 2 – earn 30,000 XP/reach Battle Pass tier 23
  • Fortnite Lynx stage 3 – earn 125,000 XP/reach Battle Pass tier 45
  • Fortnite Lynx stage 4 – earn 325,000 XP/reach Battle Pass tier 67

You can earn XP a number of ways: kills, Victory Royales and, most importantly, Battle Pass challenges, all net you some of that sweet, sweet XP. Speaking of Battle Pass challenges, here’s how to unlock the different colors.

  • Red – Complete 15 Weekly Challenges
  • Blue – Complete 35 Weekly Challenges
  • Black – Complete 55 Weekly Challenges

With there being seven Weekly Challenges every single week, you’re going to need to complete at least two weeks’ worth of challenges (plus another) to unlock the Red Lynx variant However, the Black Fortnite Lynx skin won’t be unlocked until Season 7, Week 8 at the absolute earliest for those who have completed every single challenge up until that point. That means the unlock date is set at January 24.

How to unlock the Fortnite Lynx Black Panther skin

While there isn’t officially a Black Panther skin in Fortnite, a certain version of the Lynx skin sure as hell looks like one. To unlock it, you’re going to want to complete 55 Weekly Challenges and earn a minimum of 125,000 XP and then equip Stage 3 in your skin locker, then put on the Black clothing option.