Box art - Kingdom Hearts 3

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Full Boss List Guide

Want to prepare for all Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses that the game might throw your way? Below, we’ve listed every KH3 boss for you to either prepare for or check off on your way through the game. That includes all Olympus bosses, as well as everything up to the final boss fight. Mini-bosses are included too. This is a full Kingdom Hearts 3 boss list for the main story from start to finish, after all. Spoilers follow.

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Olympus

All Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses Olympus

  • Rock Titan
  • Ice and Fire Titan
  • Wind Titan

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Realm of Darkness (Riku)

kH 3 realm of darkness boss

  • Demon Wave

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Twilight Town

KH3 Twilight Town boss

  • Demon Wave (mini-boss)

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Toy Box

KH 3 Toy Story Bosses

  • Gigas Dragon (mini-boss)
  • Heartless Doll (mini-boss)
  • Giant Heartless

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Kingdom of Corona

All Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses tangled

  • Nobodies (mini-boss)
  • Mother Gothel’s Heartless

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Monstropolis

All Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses monsters inc

  • Unversed (mini-boss)
  • Giant Unversed

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Arendelle

KH 3 Frozen boss

  • Snow Monster (Marshmallow)
  • Giant Heartless (Ice Wolf)

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | The Caribbean

KH 3 pirates of the caribbean boss

  • Race Luxord to Port Royal
  • Luxord’s ship
  • Davy Jones

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | San Fransokyo

All Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses big hero 6

  • Heartless horde (mini-boss)
  • Darkubes
  • Dark Baymax

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Realm of Darkness (Riku II)

kh 3 realm of darkness boss

  • Demon Wave

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Realm of Darkness (Sora)

kh 3 vanitas boss

  • Anti-Aqua

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Land of Awakening (Aqua)

  • Vanitas

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | The Eclipse (Gummi Ship)

KH 3 gummi colossus pyramid

  • Colossus Pyramid

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Keyblade Graveyard

kh 3 keyblade graveyard bosses

  • Heartless Swarm (“Take out all the enemies”)
  • Lich fight #1 (Olympus)
  • Lich fight #2 (Toy Box)
  • Lich fight #3 (Kingdom of Corona)
  • Lich fight #4 (Monstropolis)
  • Lich fight #5 (Arendelle)
  • Lich fight #6 (The Caribbean)
  • Lich fight #7 (San Fransokyo)
  • Demon Tide
  • Ansem, Young Riku, and Xigbar
  • Marluxia, Larxene, Luxord
  • Vanitas and Terra-Xehanort
  • Saix and Xion
  • Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses | Scala ad Caelum

KH 3 scala ad caelum final boss xehanort

  • Armored Xehanort
  • Xehanort (Final Boss)

There you have it! There’s all the Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses that you’ll come across during the course of the story.

A grand total of 40 bosses, if you include mini-bosses, across seven Disney worlds (including re-visits), outer space, the Keyblade Graveyard, the Land of Awakening from Birth by Sleep, the Realm of Darkness, and the final world, Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort’s former home. Square Enix knocked it out of the park when it came to KH3 bosses, that’s for damn sure. You get to fight Aqua, Vanitas, pretty much every member of Organization XIII you could ever hope to put your hands on and much, much more. Heck, even the Unversed make a return! And just wait until you see what Armored Xehanort looks like…