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Kingdom Hearts 3 Mother Gothel’s Heartless | How to beat the Kingdom of Corona Tangled boss

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss is probably the first major fight you’ll struggle with. Battling Mother Gothel’s Heartless in the Kingdom of Corona world can be tough due to its unpredictable gate attack, as well as its perched position atop of the tower. But we’ve got Donald and Goofy by our side, damnit. Here’s how to defeat the KH 3 Tangled boss, as well as the best spells, setups, and Links to use to help you beat the Kingdom of Corona boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled Boss | Best Setup and Keyblades to use

You’re going to want a combination of the Favorite Deputy Keyblade (for power) and Shining Star’s Magic ability to give you the edge in this one. Make sure you stock up on Hi-Potions and Mega-Potions, Re-Focusers, Cure spells, as well as having Donald’s Customization set so he heals you as a priority. You can do that through the pause menu. For reference, my shortcuts looked like this during the fight at level 18:

  • Mega-Potion
  • Fire
  • Cure
  • Meow Wow Balloon

Keeping your distance is integral to this fight, so be sure to also have an elemental spell equipped. Plus, the Meow Wow Balloon is so overpowered (it restored you to full health as well as being a heavy-hitter) that it’s a must for almost all Kingdom Hearts 3 bosses. As for Abilities to use to fight Mother Gothel’s Heartless, a mix of Combo Plus and MP Haste can work wonders, especially as there will be a few sections of considerable downtime in the fight that you can use to wait for your MP meter to recharge.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled Boss | How to beat Mother Gothel’s Heartless

KH 3 tangled boss

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss will, bizarrely enough, start the fight by wondering around the large open space a little. Use that to your advantage: a Lockshot with your most powerful Keyblade will serve as a nice starting point to build on.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss

But, even so, be wary of its attacks even at this early stage. Mother Gothel’s Heartless headbutt attack can cause some serious damage. If you see it recoiling with its arms (see below) then you should be dodging ASAP and following up with a flurry of combos while it has its head stuck in the ground.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss

The KH 3 Kingdom of Corona boss will also utilize a clawing grab attack on occasion. Even if you get hit, though, be sure to retaliate with a nice combo. Use Triangle/Y commands early and often and keep your space and you should be able to control the fight. The Meow Wow Balloon’s Tornado Pounce, followed by a Deflate Dash can also knock up to one whole bar of health from the boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss

Once you’ve knocked off four bars of health, a brief cinematic will play and the Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss will retreat to the top of the tower. Mother Gothel’s Heartless will start putting up wooded gates to block your path and rain strawberries from overhead. The first gated exit is ahead of you, the second is immediately behind you while, again, the third is in front of you. The forward/back/forward pattern will repeat throughout the fight. Use Cura here if you need to, also. There’s plenty of time.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss

When you reach the tower, run up it and combo the hell out of the Heartless boss. It can’t do much to stop you. After a brief period, it’ll disembark from the tower and start raining down flying headbutts on you. Avoid these and swoop in when there’s a small window of opportunity.

Then come the flowers. Oh boy. Stay away from these at all costs and, if you are caught in one, use magic to quickly destroy it, lest Mother Gothel’s Heartless traps you in them and takes off half your health.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss

By this point, you should know the drill. Avoid the flying headbutts, normal headbutts, and flowers and pepper the Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled boss with ranged magic, Lockshots (if you have a Re-Focuser handy) and quick combos. Finally, when its health is whittled away to only two bars, it’ll throw up the gates again. Follow the steps presented above, run up the tower and end the fight by smacking it really hard with the Keyblade several times. Easy peasy. You’ve just completed the Kingdom of Corona world!