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Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors cast | Who voices Sora in KH 3?

Sound familiar? The Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors cast list is filled with names you might (and might not) recognize at first listen, but just can’t place. That even includes its protagonist, Sora. Read on to find out not only who voices Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 but also a full list of KH3 voice actors, plus Leonard Nimoy’s Kingdom Hearts 3 Xehanort voice actor replacement. That’s also including the Disney actors, such as Frozen’s Kristen Bell, who reprised their iconic roles, and those who didn’t. I’m looking at you, Tom Hanks.

Who voices Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3?

sora voice actor kingdom hearts 3

Would you believe it’s the same person as it ever was? That’s right. The voice actor who plays Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 is none other than Hayley Joel Osment. Best known for his work as the kid who sees dead people in the Sixth Sense, Osment has voiced Sora (as well as villain Vanitas) since the series’ beginning.

Full Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors cast

Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors

Deep breath. Here we go: the complete list of Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors, as shown in the game’s end credits.

  • Sora: Haley Joel Osment
  • Riku: David Gallagher
  • Kairi: Alyson Stoner
  • Terra: Jason Dohring
  • Aqua: Willa Holland
  • Ventus: Jesse McCartney
  • Xion: Alyson Stoner
  • Axel: Quinton Flynn
  • Namine: Meaghan Martin
  • Hayner: Zachary Gordon
  • Pence: Tristian Chase
  • Olette: Ashley Boettcher
  • Ienzo: Vincent Corazza
  • Young Xehanort: Ben Diskin
  • Young Eraqus: Drake Bell
  • Ansem: Richard Epcar
  • Xigbar: James Patrick Stuart
  • Xemnas: Paul St. Peter
  • Vexen: Derek Stephen Prince
  • Luxord: Robin Aitken Downed
  • Saix: Kirk Thornton
  • Demyx: Ryan O’Donahue
  • Larxene: Shanelle Grey
  • Marluxia: Keith Ferguson
  • Vanitas: Haley Joel Osment
  • Terra-Xehanort: Richard Epcar
  • Dark Riku: David Gallagher
  • Chirithy: Lars Jill Miller
  • Ephemer: Michael Johnston
  • Nameless Star: Madison Davenport
  • Ira: Matthew Mercer
  • Aced: Travis Willingham
  • Gula: Kevin Quinn
  • Invi: Karissa Lee Staples
  • Ansem the Wise: Corey Burton
  • Xehanort: Rutger Hauer
  • Master Eraqus: Mark Hamill

Yes, that Mark Hamill.

Disney voice actors in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors

The most prominent Disney voice actors in Kingdom Hearts 3 include Kristen Bell returning as Anna from Frozen; Josh Gad as Olaf; T.J. Miller as Fred from Big Hero 6; James Woods as Hades, and even The Walking Dead alum Khary Payton stepping in as Wasabi from Big Hero 6.

Does Tom Hanks voice Woody in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors

Unfortunately not. In a strange twist worthy of the Kingdom Hearts series, Woody is voiced by Tom’s younger brother, Jim Hanks in KH3.