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Apex Legends Bangalore guide | How to play Bangalore

Among the eight characters on the Apex Legends roster, Bangalore has some of the most versatile abilities available. Trained as a professional soldier, Bangalore is certainly focused on combat, but doesn’t require a great deal of skill to master her area-of-effect weapons. Bangalore’s abilities enable her to deal consistent damage in combat while staying mobile, designed to help her avoid taking damage even in the midst of close-quarters battle. This Apex Legends Bangalore guide explains the tricks to getting started, how best to use her abilities, and what team she works best with. Read on to find out how to play Bangalore, and become a Champion.

Apex Legends Bangalore guide | Tips and tricks

Apex Legends Bangalore guide

In comparison to Apex Legends’ other characters, Bangalore specializes in combat, but can also utilize her abilities in a supporting role depending on the situation. To begin with, her abilities don’t have a great amount of range, as they are often activated by throwing handheld ordinances. As such, her weapons should reflect this limited range; along with her lack of vertical mobility, snipers aren’t the best choice for Bangalore. Instead, assault rifles and SMGs are suited to her close-to-mid range combat specialty, while both shotguns and frag grenades can make quick work of the enemy squad when you’re getting up close and personal.

In combat, Bangalore works best when moving between cover, using her passive Double Time ability to move quickly and become harder to hit while she closes the range with the enemy. However, she won’t survive for very long without any defensive abilities, so make sure to keep moving in the open. When your team is pinned down by fire, try using her mobility to flank the enemy; she can quickly turn the tide on them from another angle, especially when using her area-of-effect abilities. Take their attention away from your support-based teammates, and bring the fight to the enemy.

Apex Legends Bangalore guide | Abilities

Bangalore’s abilities are most useful in gaining an advantage over enemy squads in combat, often ending a fight before it can really get underway. With the ability to barrage the enemy’s position with obscuring smoke or devastating artillery, you can give your squad temporary relief from fire to recover and get into a more defensive position. Moreover, these abilities can help you to take out the squad individually, getting up close and forcing them to reconsider their approach.

Smoke Launcher

Apex Legends Bangalore guide

Bangalore’s active ability Smoke Launcher is by far her most versatile option throughout the match. You can deploy this mid-range ordinance to flood the field with opaque smoke, reducing the enemy’s vision to short range and blocking their line-of-sight on your squad. Use this to close the distance and take them out individually, or to give yourself cover while you revive a teammate. While the smoke cloud isn’t massive or long-lasting, it can give you temporary cover from sniper fire, or give you enough respite to heal and get to cover.

If you have a taste for trickery, try firing this inside a building or similarly enclosed space that the enemy’s occupying. While there’s no guarantee of this working, in our experience the enemy squad soon dives out of the nearest window or door, right into your squad’s sights. Likewise, if you use both the Smoke Launcher and your ultimate ability in conjunction when out in the open, the enemy squad won’t be able to avoid the destructive wave of artillery coming in.

Double Time

Apex Legends Bangalore guide

While this passive ability is often dismissed at first glance, it’s often the key to your survival in Apex Legends. Serving as both a warning system and defensive response to enemy fire, this ability grants you a dramatically increased speed for a limited time when enemies shoot at you. This means you can quickly get into cover, or get in close to fire back at their position; it even gives you a boost while you’re using the auto-run sprint. Most importantly, you become much harder to hit while this ability is activated, but only if you keep moving, so make sure to strafe and serpentine as much as possible.

This ability also recharges fairly quickly, giving you another chance to either flank the enemy or move between cover, if you haven’t died yet. Try deploying your smoke field and using this speed boost to charge in with a close-quarters weapon; a shotgun or SMG makes quick work in this scenario, and gives you the perfect chance to use a finisher move for extra flair.

Rolling Thunder

Apex Legends Bangalore guide

This is where the fun happens. Bangalore’s ultimate ability Rolling Thunder is one of the flashiest and most powerful abilities in the game, dropping an airstrike on the enemy position and tearing their squad to pieces. If you’re ever on the receiving end of Bangalore’s ultimate, you’ll know how powerful this ability can be, both in destructive power and area control. After littering an area with explosive mortars, enemies will either take massive damage from the area-of-effect, or be confined to a single position in the field.

Bear in mind that this ability is activated by a thrown flare, so you the range on your ultimate is limited, but using your other abilities you can often close the distance to pinpoint the enemies’ position. The enemy has a chance to avoid the initial blast, but the delay between activating the ability and the bombs dropping thankfully isn’t too long. Likewise, if you’ve unlocked this ability, make sure to use it at the first opportunity in combat; it recharges fairly quickly with the help of certain items, giving you the chance to deploy Rolling Thunder multiple times in a single match. More bang for your buck.

Apex Legends Bangalore guide | Best team comp for Bangalore

Apex Legends Bangalore guide

Given her versatility and combat-driven capabilities, Bangalore can work well in most teams, often providing enough upfront firepower to give the rest of the team relief. However, her abilities become particularly useful when teamed up with Bloodhound and Mirage, further enabling you to ambush the enemy while they’re at a disadvantage.

Between your Smoke Launcher and Bloodhound’s ultimate Beast of the Hunt ultimate, he can track enemies through your smoke field, allowing him to swiftly dispatch any confused enemies caught within the area. Likewise, Mirage’s use of decoys can really help to confuse enemies when flanking in close quarters, giving the enemy multiple targets to face all at once, especially while they’re caught in the midst of your area-of-effect abilities.