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Crackdown 3 Starting Agent | Which Agent should I pick?

Before you get to bring on the boom, you’ve got an important decision to make. Knowing which Crackdown 3 Agent to choose and start the game with could alter how you play the game. So, should you pick Jaxon? Or maybe Zaya? We can’t forget Forgey, Chapman, Roux, or De Sousa now, can we? Each one comes with slightly different playstyles and builds. Here’s which Crackdown 3 starting Agent you should pick at the beginning of the game.

Full list of Crackdown 3 starting Agents

crackdown 3 starting agent

While you can unlock more Agents by finding their DNA, you only have the option of six to begin with. Here’s all six Crackdown 3 starting Agents.

  • Jaxon – Terry Crews, basically
  • Zaya – A “decorated, risk-taking officer” from Manchester, England
  • Forgey – “A private military contractor” from Seattle
  • Chapman – A “veteran cop” from Glasgow
  • Roux – A former member of France’s Police Nationale
  • De Sousa – A “recent recruit” from the Policia Judiciara

Which Crackdown 3 starting Agent should I pick?

crackdown 3 starting agent

For all intents and purposes, each Agent plays exactly the same. They can all use the same guns and all jump the same height according to their Agility levels. However, each Agent gets a small XP boost to certain skills, meaning that, for every time you get orbs, you’ll get either 10 percent or five percent more than a standard Agent on top of that.

  • Jaxon – 10 percent Strength EXP bonus and 5 percent Explosives EXP bonus
  • Zaya – 10 percent Driving EXP bonus and 5 percent Agility EXP bonus
  • Forgey – 10 percent Explosives EXP bonus and 5 percent Firearms EXP bonus
  • Chapman – 10 percent Strength EXP bonus and 5 percent Firearms EXP bonus
  • Roux – 10 percent Agility EXP bonus and 5 percent Driving EXP bonus
  • De Sousa – 10 percent Agility EXP bonus and 5 percent Explosives EXP bonus

So, who should you choose? In terms of canon, Jaxon (Terry Crews) seems to be the obvious choice as he has a starring role in the opening of the game and it’s hinted at heavily throughout that Elizabeth Niemand, the villain of the piece, has something Jaxon-related up her sleeve. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play as Terry Crews?

Elsewhere, it depends on your playstyle. Having completed the game, I will say that Driving and Agility are, by far, the toughest skills to level up, so both Zaya and Roux should be in your sights.

If you want brute force, both Jaxon and Chapman should be your picks; Forgey is great for those who just want to blow shit up and nothing else, while De Sousa is well-rounded enough for you to jump higher, earlier, while also being mindful of the fact that Crackdown 3 prioritizes Explosives in combat. Basically, they’re all good picks – and don’t make too much difference down the line. It’s fully dependent on what Skills you want to show off first.

How to unlock more Crackdown 3 Agents

crackdown 3 starting agent

To unlock more Crackdown 3 Agents aside from the starting batch of six, you’re going to have to hunt down Agents’ charred corpses and scattered remains in New Providence. Once you’re in the vicinity of a downed Agent’s DNA, a double-helix icon will appear on your map. Simply go to it and press LB next to the body to unlock the Agent.