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All Crackdown 3 Prisoner Hardpoint locations

It’s not easy to find all Crackdown 3 Prisoner Hardpoint locations. The makeshift prisons pop up all over New Providence but the dozen Prison Hardpoints can only be found once you’re in their general vicinity. But you don’t want to wait around, do you? Here’s where to find all Prisoner Hardpoint locations in Crackdown 3 so you can unlock the Liberator achievement for completing all Prisoner Hardpoints in a single world.

Crackdown 3 Prisoner Hardpoints locations | Full list

First things first, we’ll put all 12 Prisoner Hardpoints in list form, complete with which district they’re in. An easy-to-follow map is also down below:

  • Prisoner Hardpoint #1: The Vision (The Vision)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #2: Ashwood Entertainment (Ashwood Marina)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #3: Oasis Precinct (Oasis Precinct)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #4: Zangado’s Breath (Zangado’s Breath)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #5: Khan’s Scar (Khan’s Scar)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #6: Quarry Slums (Khan’s Scar)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #7: Quarry Entrance (Khan’s Scar)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #8: Central District (Westport)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #9: High Rise (Westport)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #10: Westport (Westport)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #11: South Station (Westport)
  • Prisoner Hardpoint #12: Central Slums (Central Shade)

We’ve even got it in map form! We’ve divided the map of New Providence into two halves to make it easier for you, with each Prisoner Hardpoint location above coded by number, so it’s easier for you to keep track of what you have and haven’t completed. Here’s the north side of New Providence:

crackdown 3 prisoner hardpoint locations

And here’s the south section of the map:

crackdown 3 prisoner hardpoint locations

How to complete Prisoner Hardpoints

There’s nothing too fussy about this. Simply head on over to the jail bar icon on your map and unlock each prisoner cell (there can be up to three in one location). Hold LB next to the terminal on the door to free them. It really is very, very easy.

What do you get for completing all Crackdown 3 Prisoner Hardpoint locations?

Unfortunately, not a great deal. In theory, you’re meant to get more and more civilian militia allies as you beat each Prisoner Hardpoint but, in practice, they rarely turn up to help. When they do, they’re toast before you know it.

You do, though, get an achievement. Beating all 12 Prisoner Hardpoint locations in Crackdown 3 will net you the Liberator achievement and 20 G to add to your ever-burgeoning Gamerscore.