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Where to find every Crackdown 3 Propaganda Tower

You’ve probably polished off one or two already but finding all Crackdown 3 Propaganda Towers is easier said than done. There’s 12 of those shining monoliths to Elizabeth Niemand’s reign of terror and, unless if you’ve got the patience to comb the skyline, it’s not always easy to pick out where to go next. So, here’s where to find all Propaganda Tower locations in Crackdown 3 and also how to unlock the Statue of Liberty achievement for capturing all Propaganda Towers in a single world.

Crackdown 3 Propaganda Tower locations | Full list

Sure, you could be on the lookout for all 12 Propaganda Towers by looking for the bright red holograms in the sky, but this way is much, much easier. We’ll put them in list form then present you with a map of each Propaganda Tower location:

  • Propaganda Tower #1 – Southern Heights (Southern Heights)
  • Propaganda Tower #2 – The Vision (The Vision)
  • Propaganda Tower #3 – Ashwood Marina (Ashwood Marina)
  • Propaganda Tower #4 – Oasis Precinct (Oasis Precinct)
  • Propaganda Tower #5 – The Refinery (The Refinery)
  • Propaganda Tower #6 – Sulphur Spits (Sulphur Spits)
  • Propaganda Tower #7 – Zangado’s Breath (Zangado’s Breath)
  • Propaganda Tower #8 – Dumping Grounds (Dumping Grounds)
  • Propaganda Tower #9 – Khan’s Scar (Khan’s Scar)
  • Propaganda Tower #10 – Founder’s Footsteps (Founder’s Footsteps)
  • Propaganda Tower #11 – Westport (Westport)
  • Propaganda Tower #12 – Central Shade (Central Shade)

Here’s each one, as can be found on the New Providence map. First, the north section of the city:

crackdown 3 propaganda tower

…and here’s the rest of the Propaganda Towers, this time on the south section of New Providence.

crackdown 3 propaganda tower

How to complete Propaganda Towers

Put simply, this is a platforming challenge that requires you to reach the very top of the Propaganda Tower and shut down the rhetoric that Elizabeth Niemand is spewing from it. You’ll face moving platforms, lasers, and timed panels. Reach the very top and you’ll see a cube. Interact with it to “take over” the Propaganda Tower.

Be warned, though, each Propaganda Tower comes with an Agility skill level attached. If you are below it, you will not be able to complete the Propaganda Tower. There is only one level 5 Tower, however, and that is in Central Shade.