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Far Cry New Dawn Nana | How to unlock the sniper ally

Far Cry New Dawn is the latest game in Ubisoft’s bestselling shooter series, and just like in last year’s game Far Cry 5, there are a number of AI partners you can enlist to help you take down the evil Highwaymen. There are new friends, returning characters, and even a dog and a pig, but if you want to kill someone silently from a long way away you’ll need a sniper, and Far Cry New Dawn Nana is the best in the game.

This cranky elderly dear can be found relatively close to the start of Far Cry New Dawn, so after you’ve picked up Carmina Rye and Timber the dog, she should be your next priority. But who is Nana? Where can you find her? What manner of mission or obstacles do you have to face in order to persuade her to join your cause? And why she’s such a good partner to have along for the ride? We’ve got all the answers.

Who is Nana in Far Cry New Dawn?

There are eight Guns for Hire partner characters you can ally yourself with in Far Cry New Dawn, and you can see all of them in the Roster page on your character menu right from the start. However, you’ll have to find them in the world and complete their quest in order to get them to join you. All these allies have specific strengths that can help you out in Hope County, but you can only have one AI partner with you at a time. Nana is a particular useful ally when going into combat, because she’s a long-range sniper and the map is very, very large. She’s got some useful abilities, too, but let’s get her first.

Where is Nana in Far Cry New Dawn?

Nana is located at Nana’s Perch, which is a large farm that’s been converted into a shooting range, roughly in the center of the Hope County map. It’s directly south-east from Signal Point, the conspicuous Outpost that used to be a radar dish, at the top of a mountain. It stands out from miles around, so just head down the hill from that to the road below. You can also talk to any of the information gatherers (the men and women with little blue “!” symbols above their heads), and you may directly get an icon on the map for Nana from them, which would be useful.

How to unlock Far Cry New Dawn Nana, the sniper ally

Once you get to Nana’s Perch, you’ll probably hear Nana before you see her. She’ll be taking pot-shots at targets on her range with her special sniper rifle. Go talk to her, and she’ll be keen to fight the Highwaymen, but will want you to prove your own shooting ability before she’ll agree to join you. You can bring your own sniper rifle along, which we personally recommend, especially if you’ve upgraded to the Tier 2 level of weapons and crafted a decent one. Alternatively, head up to the perch itself and grab a rifle from the crate on the left. You’ll get infinite ammo for the duration of the mission.

She’ll then challenge you to shoot a number of targets, which are spread out and can be a little hard to spot. Don’t miss the one over the house, in particular. They’re only small Highwaymen helmets, so you’ll have to have a good aim on you. Shoot all 10 within the time limit to pass the first stage. Unfortunately, every time you get all the targets Nana will up the stakes. For the next stage, the targets will be moving. This actually makes them easier to spot, with the exception of the one on the right that goes behind cover, but they’re harder to hit.

The next stage is balloons. Nana will let 10 balloons go, and you’ll have to hit them all before they float away. This is actually pretty easy, if you’re quick. However, for the fourth and final stage, Nana sends up a flare and calls in the Highwaymen. Kill them all and talk to Nana to get her as your latest Gun for Hire.

Why is Nana such a useful ally to have in Far Cry New Dawn?

Nana is an expert sniper, and can kill anyone from a very long distance away, in fact she’s got the longest range in the game. She also has three abilities. Her most basic ability is a silencer for her sniper rifle, so enemies won’t know they’re being hit unless they see the bodies. After 15 kills she can shoot enemies through smoke, so those runners can’t hide from her. At 40 kills she can shoot through cover, so she can hit anyone, anywhere. Deadly.