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Metro Exodus Save Miller | Can You Save Colonel Miller?

Metro Exodus has been out for almost a week now and quite a few people have already made it to the end of the game. (For those of you that haven’t, please bear in mind that there are spoilers ahead!) Artyom’s journey takes you straight across Russia over the course of the year, and you’ll see people leave and join the Aurora crew depending on your actions. Our Metro Exodus Save Miller guide will tell you what happens to the Colonel, and whether or not you can save him.

Metro Exodus Save Miller | What happens to the Colonel?

Metro Exodus Save Miller

Colonel Miller valiantly commands the crew of Spartans throughout your yearlong journey across Russia. He hopes to find the remnants of the Russian government, but every location you encounter only has bandits, irradiated mutants, and spooky phenomena. Miller largely stays on the Aurora or near it, but the tail end of the game puts his precious daughter in mortal danger. The game’s final chapter has the Aurora crew scrambling all over Novosibirsk in an effort to acquire much-needed parts and critical medicine in order to save Anna.

As part of this mission, Colonel Miller joins you on the ground for the first time in the game (and perhaps the last time in the franchise). There are only two specially-made suits that can handle the extreme radiation of Novosibirsk, so Colonel Miller decides that both you and he will bear this burden in order to save the life of the woman most precious to the both of you. While your mission is a success, Colonel Miller perishes at the end of your journey. That leads us to the main question of our Metro Exodus Save Miller guide.

Metro Exodus Save Miller | Can you save him?

Metro Exodus Save Miller

Although Metro Exodus presents you with many choices, they are all ultimately leading up to one of two endings. Much like the previous games, a disaster befalls the player in the bad ending and things turn out pretty decently in the good ending.

Unfortunately, Colonel Miller dies no matter which ending you get. The key difference between the two is whether or not Artyom survives the ordeal that you encounter in the Dead City. Whether you make good choices or bad ones, it seems that Metro Exodus marks the final leg of Colonel Miller’s long journey in post-apocalyptic Russia. The future of the Spartans is placed firmly in Arytom’s hands — if he survives, that is.