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Anthem Stronghold Loot Missing After Disconnect | Where is my reward for killing the boss?

Your Anthem Stronghold loot missing after beating the final boss? Worse still, have you disconnected and lost all your loot? It can be pretty rough missing out on high-level gear in Anthem all because of some connection issues or the fact you didn’t pick up your rewards after defeating the final boss. We’re here to explain what to do if your loot is missing in Anthem after completing a Stronghold or if you’ve disconnected halfway through.

Is my Anthem Stronghold loot missing?

Anthem Stronghold Loot Missing

That all depends on if you’ve disconnected before defeating the final boss or not.

If you disconnect in a Stronghold before defeating the final boss then, unfortunately, there’s no way to get your loot back. However, if you defeat the final boss then have the game freeze or crash, you’ll need to go back to Freeplay, then exit that session. From there, you’ll see all of your Stronghold loot pop up on Anthem‘s standard End of Expedition screen.

For those of you who are worried over not picking up all of the loot after killing the final boss of a Stronghold: don’t be. You don’t need to pick up everything to get your full set of rewards, and you’ll be given everything you’re owed as normal. It’ll come up on the End of Expedition screen after completing the Stronghold.

How to claim my Anthem Stronghold loot

Anthem Stronghold Loot Missing

It should be in your inventory, though you can always go to the Forge to sort through everything you’ve claimed, especially as you won’t always realize what you’ve picked up until the End of Expedition screen, and there can be a lot to sort through.

What happens to my Anthem Stronghold loot when I disconnect?

Anthem Stronghold Loot Missing

As mentioned above, disconnecting after beating the final boss is no longer the death sentence for your loot it once was. Just exit out of a Freeplay session and all of your goodies will be waiting for you on the End of Expedition screen.

However, a mid-Stronghold crash or freeze means you won’t be given any loot, even if your squad completes the activity.