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Anthem New Armor Leaks | What are the new armor sets coming?

Anthem is a fun game, but as many players are discovering right now, it’s a little lacking in content or new things to find and do. Something that would make most Anthem players very happy is a selection of new Javelin armor sets to find and equip, or at least to buy in the store, to make their Javelins a little more unique. Fortunately, then a bunch of Anthem New Armor leaks have appeared online, supposedly datamined from the game. But what are these leaks, and what do they show? We’ve got them below.

What are the Anthem New Armor leaks?

The new Anthem leaks were supposedly datamined, presumably from the 1.05 patch for the game, but are a little hard to find on the internet right now as they were probably shared around Discord chats rather than anywhere specific. They were also posted on a few YouTube channels such as Open World Games, so we at least got a good look at them.

There are four armor set pictures, presumably one for each of the four Javelin types: Colossus (above), Ranger, Storm, and Interceptor. The color sets are presumably not built into the new armor, and will almost certainly be customizable, just like the previous armor sets in the game. We don’t know the legitimacy of these leaks, but they certainly appear convincing, and look quite similar to the Scar enemies found in Anthem.

When are these new armor sets coming?

The big question, of course, is when will these new armor sets hit the store and become available in-game. The most likely answer is that they will be rolled out during Anthem‘s big Act 1 update, which is supposed to begin later this month. Whether these new Javelin armors will be available to buy, or are available as the reward in one of Act 1’s big new quests, we don’t know.