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Fortnite Marino Skin | How to unlock the Fortnite Marino Skin

A new Fortnite skin released yesterday into the item shop, one of the newer Rare skins since the start of Season 8. The Fortnite Marino skin is an outfit in the new Beach Battalion set is now available for all players, also unlocking the Banana Bag back bling when equipped on to your character. While other cosmetics from the Beach Battalion can be unlocked in the new Laguna skin pack, including a handful of pineapple-themed items, the Fortnite Marino skin is only available through the shop for a limited time. Read on to find out how to unlock the Fortnite Marino skin.

Fortnite Marino Skin | How to unlock the Fortnite Marino Skin

Fortnite Marino skin

The Fornite Marino skin became available in the item shop as of the 13th March, listed in the Featured Items section of the store. The cosmetic outfit can be bought for 1,200 V-Bucks, a standard price for Rare items, and also unlocks the Banana Bag back bling upon purchase. This skin may be expensive, but it still looks quite dapper, and is available for all players to unlock regardless of their Battle Pass. Moreover, the associated back bling also carries three potassium-filled bananas, which could prove essential for surviving in any arena.

Once you’ve unlocked the skin, you’re perfectly equipped to go treasure hunting, tracking down some legendary weapons with the Treasure Map since the beginning of the pirate-themed event. Likewise, if you’re a fan of the Banana Bag, back bling then you may be intrigued by the Season 8 release of the Peely outfit banana skin cosmetic that peels itself open the longer you survive. Of course, the Fortnite Marino skin won’t be around forever, so you might want to start saving up your V-Bucks before it disappears, inevitably replaced by new skins, as the item shop refreshes with new cosmetics in vogue.