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The Division 2 Gear Score | Recalibration, crafting, and more

The Division 2 gear score is a feature in Ubisoft’s upcoming RPG shooter that allows you to improve your gear, weapons, and other items. You can upgrade these with crafting and calibration techniques. Find out more with our Division 2 gear score guide.

The Division 2 Gear Score | What is it?

The Division 2 Gear Score

The Division 2 gear score lets you recalibrate your gear during the game’s Endgame phase. This removes the “level” feature that you’ve been accustomed to throughout, and replaces with what’s known as “gear score.”

This shifts the dynamic of the game based on your overall rating (OVR). This, in turn, determines whether you have the required gear to be able to take part in, and complete, certain missions during the Endgame phase.

The Division 2 Gear Score | How to increase

The Division 2 Gear Score increase level

You increase your Division 2 gear score by finding higher level loot during Endgame activities. The more difficult challenges, such as missions or bounties at greater difficulty levels, will bag you better gear score upgrades. Just make sure that you’re well prepared for these tougher challenges, as we wouldn’t want you to fail them over and again.

You can only increase your gear score to a maximum level based on what World Tier you’re at too. We covered what World Tiers are in this strongholds guide, so hop over there for more information on them. The information you need to know about gear score, with regards to World Tiers, are listed below. If you can’t increase your gear score any further, you’ll need to level up your World Tier first.

  • World Tier 1 — Max gear score level is 300.
  • World Tier 2 — Max gear score level is 350. Requires a stronghold gear score level of at least 275 to attempt.
  • World Tier 3 — Max gear score level is 400. Players need a stronghold gear score level of at least 325 to attempt.
  • World Tier 4 Max gear score level is 450. Requires a stronghold gear score level of at least 375 to tackle.

The Division 2 Gear Score | Mods and crafting

The Division 2 Gear Score crafting mods

The Division 2 gear score will be impacted by what gear you recalibrate, and what you craft to make them better. We’ve already spoken about how crafting works in this guide, so we won’t cover that again here. What we will detail is a bit more on how mods work, and what recalibration is.

There are three types of mods in the game. These are gear mods, weapon mods, and skill mods. The last of that trio isn’t important here, as it does nothing to improve your gear score. The other two, however, are vital. The mods you fix to weapons or gear will determine how they impact your playstyle.

Weapon mods are unique to certain firearms, so you can’t attach a shotgun mod to a sniper rifle. They will boost a weapon’s stat in a certain way, such as increasing magaizne size, but also feature a drawback that stops your weapon from becoming too overpowered, such as decreasing rate of fire. You can acquire blueprints from side missions and projects to craft new ones, and attach them to as many corresponding weapons as you like.

Gear mods, which are found as normal loot, don’t have drawbacks to their bonuses. They can boost you depending on your playstyle, such as increasing grenade damage, giving you more XP per kill, and more. You only have a certain number of slots for each gear piece too, so you may need to chop and change what mods you use.

The Division 2 Gear Score |Recalibration

The Division 2 Gear Score recalibration stats talents

The Division 2 gear score also lets you recalibrate your weapons. In simple terms, this lets you customize your gear, weapons, and other equipment. You do this by trading out attached stats and talents, and these in turn increase your gear score up to a maximum level.

To recalibrate your gear, you’ll need to find a recalibration bench. You’ll also need some crafting materials and credits in order to change these stats. Once you’re happy to proceed, you can exchange one stat or talent for another, as long as you have an improved stat from one of your inventory items. Bear in mind that the item, that you take the ugpraded stat or talent from, is destroyed during recalibration.

Finally, you can only change one stat or talent per item. This slot can be changed as many times as you like though. If you find a better corresponding stat or talent, you can switch it in for your current one. These stats and talents need to be from the same subsection too. For example, if you’ve upgraded an offensive stat, you can only switch this out for another offensive stat, and not a defensive or utility one.

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