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Sekiro Kite Puzzle solution | Get the Mortal Blade and fly the kite at Senpou Temple

The Sekiro kite puzzle is, well, a puzzling affair. If you’ve come here in search of a Sekiro kite puzzle solution, you’re in the right place. Learn how to get the Mortal Blade, and then how to fly the kite at Senpou Temple.

Sekiro Kite Puzzle Solution | How to get the Mortal Blade

sekiro kite puzzle

To get the Mortal Blade, you’ll need to beat a different puzzle first called the Folding Screen Monkeys puzzle. You can only access this by ringing a bell on the table inside a Sculptor’s Idol room located in the Main Hall are of Mt. Kongo. You’ll know you’re in the right spot as the statue will be surrounded by loads of candles.

Ringing the bell whisks you away to a new region in order to face off against the Folding Screen Monkeys puzzle. You must kill all four monkeys using the Illusive Bell item you’re given in order to get the Mortal Blade.

Sekiro Kite Puzzle Solution | How to kill the monkeys

sekiro kite puzzle

The four monkeys you must kill are the orange kimono, purple kimono, green kimono, and invisible monkeys. Each has a special weakness, and you’re given a hint over these when you receive the bell from the Illusory Hall Monk.

We’ve broken down each monkey’s location, and how to beat them, in the below sub-categories:

Invisible Monkey

From the screens, head down the bridge and turn left at the first intersection. Turn right in the next room with the waterfall and head upstairs. You’ll enter a room with another staircase ahead of you. Don’t leave the room. Instead, turn around, and you’ll see footprints on the floor. Head towards these slowly, and strike the invisible monkey with your sword. One blow will be enough to kill it.

Purple Kimono Monkey

From the room you killed the invisible monkey in, look back at the second staircase we already mentioned. Head left from this position, and stop at a door that emits white light and has fog coming out of it. Turn 180 degrees and look for a grapple point above you.

Launch yourself up, and head across the rooftops in front of you. The purple kimono monkey is over the first roof ridge. Kill him, and any supporting monkey enemies. These other monkeys can increase your terror meter if you don’t deal with them. If your meter becomes full, you’ll die, so always take them out when you can.

Orange Kimono Monkey

Use the bell to get back to the folding screens starting point. The orange kimono monkey is on the roof above the first intersection, but can see you. Duke right behind the folding screens. A triangle above the monkey’s head will change color with you out of view.

Run straight ahead and grapple up before the first intersection. Jump up and kill the monkey before he has a chance to see you and escape.

Green Kimono Monkey

Use the bell to return to the start one last time. Immediately head left past the left-hand folding screens, and grapple up to the roof across the way. Head along the left-hand path across the roof, and hug the elongated roof once you come across it. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you can see a tree down below you in a courtyard.

Follow the roof up and around over a couple of other square-shaped roofs until you can go no further. Notice a staircase to your right. Jump the gap across, and grapple to another roof while in mid-air. Hang down the roof, and let go of the ledge. You will now be back facing the room where you killed the invisible monkey.

Head in here, crouch down, and sneak left. The tree should now be on your right. There’s a bell nearby that you can ring, so do this to mask your sound so he can’t hear you. Run towards the tree, grapple across to it, and kill the monkey.

Once the monkeys are dead, you’ll be transported to the Inner Sanctum. Go into the building and talk to a girl who is the Divine Heir of Rejuvenation. She’ll give you the Mortal Blade and a new skill called the Puppeteer Ninjitsu skill.

Sekiro Kite Puzzle Solution | How to fly the kite

sekiro kite puzzle

Now that you have the Puppeteer Ninjitsu skill, you can complete the Sekiro kite puzzle. Make sure you equip this new skill first in the menu. Once you have, head back to the kite’s location.

There’s a rat creature that’s in charge of extending the kite’s rope. You have to kill it and then immediately reanimate it. Luckily, we can do that with the Puppeteer skill. You must perform a backstab Deathblow on the rat, and then quickly hit the skill button or key to turn him into your zombie cohort.

The rat will extend the kite’s line from the pulley system. It’ll stay this loose forever now, so don’t worry about having to complete this platforming bit in a time limit.

Turn around and head back the hill that leads up to a building. Before you reach this building, there’s a tree branch that you can grapple to. Turn right, and grapple up to the tree that you see. Climb up the tree trunk and you’ll eventually come to a clearing with the kite ahead of you.

Jump towards the kite, grapple to it, and this will boost you across the gap to a new area.