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Apex Legends L Star | When is the new L-Star LMG weapon coming?

Apex Legends is still the hottest game around, and it gets even hotter every time developer Respawn releases a new item, weapon, or character for the game. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often, despite the recent release of the Season 1 Battle Pass, although the excitement regarding the new Legend Octane has lead fans to wonder if can we expect the new Apex Legends L Star weapon soon.

The L Star (or L-Star) is an LMG, and it’s long been rumored as coming to Apex Legends. It’s been leaked a few times, but is it due to come to the game soon? What actually is the L Star weapon? Does it have any stats or information we know about? And why does it sound so familiar? We’ll answer all these questions below.

What is the Apex Legends L Star LMG?

The Apex Legends L-Star weapon is a rapid-fire light machine-gun (LMG) that’s also energy-based. The name is actually a shortened version of “Lastimosa Armory Assault Rifle,” for reasons we’ll get into later. The weapon was leaked in February by the website GamingIntel, or depending on who you ask. Reportedly it can hold 60 bullets per clip and will be able to deal 21 damage per shot to the body and 42 in headshot damage.

When is the Apex Legends L Star LMG coming out?

According to the websites that originally leaked the data, including digging up supposed date information from Apex Legends code, the L-Star was originally rumored to be dropping March 2, but obviously that didn’t happen. This was built on the entirely faulty premise of a couple of lines of code having numbers next to them, including the line about the L-Star LMG. The first line referred to the Havoc Energy Assault Rifle that dropped on February 20, and that had a “20” next to it in the game’s code. The L-Star is on the very next line, except it has a “30” next to it.

Obviously there wasn’t a February 30 this year, and March 30 came and went without the gun appearing. However, we know that Apex Legends Season 1 is bringing another weapon in the next couple of months, perhaps alongside another new Legend called Wattson. This would make sense to be the L-Star LMG. Could it be coming either April 30 or May 30? If not, it’s still likely to appear sometime in Season 1 at least.

What are the L Star LMG’s stats?

Despite not yet being available or even announced, we have a surprising amount of information on the L-Star already thanks to leaks obtained by These include a lot of vital stats about the LMG, from important things such as the ammo type and clip size, all the way to obscure bits such as time to zoom and the sway of the gun. You can check out all of these at the link. The files also say that the L-Star will overheat if you hold the trigger down for more than 2.4 seconds, so be wary of that. Nevertheless, these stats suggest the L-Star will be one of the more powerful guns in the game, if it does indeed drop sometime in Season 1 as expected.

  • Ammo type: Energy ammo
  • Ammo Clip Size: 60
  • Reload Time: 3.26 seconds
  • DPS: 252-504
  • Head/body damage: 42/21
  • Fire rate; 12
  • Mode: Automatic
  • Projectile speed; 18000
  • Draw time: 0.55 seconds
  • ADS movement speed: 41%
  • Max headshot distance: 2500
  • Holster time 0.65
  • Zoom FOV: 55
  • Zoom Time In: 0.34
  • Zoom Time Out: 0.3

Where have I seen the L-Star LMG before?

The L-Star LMG energy gun may seem familiar to players of Respawn’s previous game Titanfall 2, as it already made an appearance there. Its full name “Lastimosa Armory Assault Rifle” comes from it being built by Lastimosa Armory, the weapons manufacturer in TitanfallApex Legends is supposedly part of the Titanfall universe so it’s not too weird, but there hasn’t been much crossover between the games so far, despite repeated rumors that Titanfall 2‘s pilot Cooper may be coming to Apex Legends at some point.

As for the L-Star LMG, in Titanfall 2 it’s a rapid fire particle accelerating energy light machine-gun. It has multiple advantages in multiplayer, such as high damage and fire rate. Targets shot with the weapon will appear to have red smoke swirling around them, and if those players get killed their bodies will explode as if hit by a rocket. In other words, it’s a lot of fun.